June 3, 2013

What Are Dreams

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What Are Dreams

Defining dreams as ‘visions during sleep’ may describe what occurs, but this does not explain what they are. Undoubtedly, they are experiences real enough to produce strong psychological and physiological responses in a person. The nightmare, for example, produces the flight or fight mechanism, with its accompanying increase in blood pressure and heart rate, and even sleep-walking, in readiness for physical action. The passionate dream of a lover, renowned for its emotional and biological effects, is a further example, yet these dreams are not reality.

Sometimes events from the previous day are in our thoughts as we drop off to sleep, so not surprisingly these scenes are re-enacted as literal dreams, in the hope of extracting further information from what has already happened. Reliving events in this way has been suggested as a reason for dreaming, but this is only one aspect. The dream reflecting a foreign land the dreamer has never heard of, or the weird and wonderful mansion to which the dreamer returns night after night, demolishes any such simplistic explanation.

Dreams can be complicated or simplistic, mysterious or pragmatic as life itself, which is not surprising since it is life, with its innumerable facets, they reflect. Yet dreams do far more then reflect life; they provide inspiration, information and solutions that can be revealed to us in no other way. Inspiration, information and solutions received in this way have been responsible for determining the destiny of countless individuals, as well as shaping the history of nations, to an almost unbelievable degree. In this context, dreams are recognized as being both prophetic and powerful.

Common Types Of Dreams

Nothing is off limits in the dream state. We are open to experiencing all levels of self, all fears and frustrations, suppressed images and visionary insights. There is no such thing as a bad dream symbol. The most grotesque or frightening dreams have the most positive insights once they are worked out.  Remember, dream images are just trying to get your attention, so do not resist them. Seek to recognise the insight so you can move on to more joyous awareness. Many people have the following types of dreams:

Nightmares - A dream known to most all of us is the nightmare. It is one of our most valuable teaching dreams, because it shows us a fear that has been blown out of proportion, or something we have suppressed that is affecting us negatively. Often we do not remember the happy dreams, but the frightening ones, make more of an impression, and we are more inclined to work with them.

Disaster Dreams - Whether earthquakes, flood, fire or tidal wave, a disaster indicates some kind of sudden change in your life. A flood means emotional upheaval and an earthquake means some kind of shake up or rearrangement in your life.  Though the experience of them in a dream can be very frightening or unsettling, they often mean that you will have an opportunity to take advantage of a new direction coming.

Costume Dreams - If you find yourself wearing a costume it can often mean a past life. It may be that a problem you are facing now, was the same one you were dealing with in  a past life or another time and place. Remembering and understanding the dynamics of a costume dream, will help you gain a perspective on whatever is currently confronting you.

Flying Dreams - Flying dreams are great fun and usually mean you are consciously out of the body. If you can gain control of a flying dream, you are free to go wherever you want. It can also mean you have the ability to rise about problems. To mentally be able to free yourself and by doing so, can see life from a higher perspective. If in the dream you start to lose altitude or think you are going to crash, it can mean you have a fear of exploring higher dimensions and breaking out of self imposed limitations.

Recurring Dreams - Recurring dreams often come because there is a dream message for you in it, that you are simply not getting. Recurring nightmares indicate that you have not dealt with a particular fear or waking life issue.

Money Dreams - When you dream of coins or notes, it represents changes coming into your life. Small coins, small changes. Lots of notes or dollar bills, big changes. Gold coins, would indicate abundance. Both of a monetary nature and of a spiritual nature. As gold represents higher, spiritual ideals and Christ consciousness awareness.

Death Dreams - A death means the ending of the old and making way for the new. A death seldom means a literal death. Rather it suggests the dying of a part of self necessary for the process of growth and regeneration. It may also mean you are feeling dead inside and need to awaken feelings and sensitivity. So look carefully at the other symbols you get in this dream, so you have more insight as to the meaning and what context this apples to in your life.

Dreams and Cycles

Dreaming follows the natural cycles of growth during the year. From spring till autumn, you are in an accelerated period of learning. Your lessons are coming very fast, and the energy is heightened. You will be given teaching dreams that show you when you are missing a lesson. But it is more difficult to remember dreams during the spring and summer months, unless you are programming and working with them. When the energy of autumn begins to mellow out in October, November and December, the dream state will not be as predominant. You are unwinding, integrating the lessons of the busy growing season.

The winter months are usually when you have the clearest and strongest dreams. This is your spiritual or inner growth time. Whatever lessons you did not learn from spring to autumn will be back next spring. During the winter your inner schooling is intensified. You will be more apt to remember dreams even if you are not working with them. The winter is also seed planting time. This is the time to set your goals for the spring, ask for insight, and determine your path. Dreams are also affected by the lunar cycle. Five days before a full moon, dreams begin to get stronger and clearer, peaking with the full moon energy.

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  1. Another interesting article, thank you. It is true what you said about the full moon. It was a full moon last night and I have been having some really vivid dreams all week, culminating in a very strange one last night, although it was very enjoyable and colourful. I dreamt that my local town was revamped into a tourist resort with lots of colourful balloons and interesting places to go. I’m going to look at your dream dictionary and see what it means. Thanks again.

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