February 14, 2014

Understanding The Heart

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The heart is synonymous with everything to do with love, as soon as you think of a heart shape, your first thoughts are about love. When your heart starts pounding while you are in the company of someone you are attracted to, your mind more than likely will be filled with thoughts of love. That powerful four letter word has a habit of taking control of your whole being not just your heart. Love has the power to make some walk through fire to find happiness, yet the downside can keep another person in bed all day, too depressed to wake to their aching heart.

Love can bring as much misery as it does happiness, it truly is a two sided coin. Heads you win, tails you fail. It does seem a lottery for many who flip their coin hoping to find happiness, yet sadly many do not see the face of their beloved or soulmate showing up, on the first few flips of the coin. It may take many years and many attempts to find true love, hence why you need to understand what the heart is telling you.

I very much doubt that most of us understand what true love is at fifteen or even twenty. It can take a few years to work out what sort of person is right for us. Yet unless you go through varying experiences you will not learn to understand. You cannot understand what a good doughnut tastes like until we have tried a few bad doughnuts, so how can you expect to know if someone is truly right for you, unless you have at least observed how other people act in certain situations. Then you will be able to make a comparison, you will be able to make informed choices, because you have learned to look for people who make you happy.

Love is about two people, if one is unhappy or feels left out, then the relationship has become more about the wants and desires of the other. For love to flourish two hearts have to unite as one, ready to work together for the common good of all. Love is a blending of souls, it should never take anything away from either person, it should enhance everything that is good about you or your partner. On the other side it should diminish all that is bad, love should make you want to do better, it should make you a better person. If you feel you have lost some of your goodness, while you are with someone, you should seriously question that relationship.

The heart has reasons that the mind finds hard to fathom out, yet unless the mind and heart work as one, you will be forever led astray. Just because your heart speeds up, it does not mean that true love is near, nor can it be a sign you are happy. The heart can speed up if you are attracted to someone, being attracted does not mean you will make a perfect partnership, and while in a relationship, your heart could speed up out of the fear of losing someone, or the fear you will do something to upset them. Do not confuse this with love, these are stresses put upon the heart, they are not always signs of love, but fear.  People can often misjudge the fear of losing someone for the same feeling as loving someone. Learn to understand the difference, think things through a little, is this feeling love or is it fear. You should have nothing to fear if you are with a person you trust. Fear takes control when you are left in the dark, when you do not know what will happen next.

Everyone wants to find their true love, everyone wants to be happy, no one wants to be depressed and miserable. No one wants to feel alone, neither does anyone want to feel jealous or envious of others. From this day onwards, make it your job to understand the heart, try to get the heart and mind to work together, in doing so you will quadruple your chances of finding happiness.

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  1. I agree, the heart and mind have to work as one for love to be balanced and real. Many people either want to use their heads, thinking that this way they will not get hurt, or they want to use just their heart, with the reason that only in the heart will you find true loving feelings. But unless we use both our logic and emotions, heart and mind, we lack and lose or fail. Thank for the article!

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