January 3, 2014

Truth & Honesty

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If asked many people would claim to be truthful and honest in their dealings with other people. If questioned further, they might admit to the odd ‘white lie’. But would say, that they were not really lying just rearranging the facts a little or omitting a vital piece of information for the sake of peace; or in consideration of the feelings of the other person.  The question you have to ask yourself is; if you were the one wanting an honest answer or to be given the true facts of a situation. Would you feel lied to if you were to discover later on, that the information you were given was not accurate or had been altered to suit the purposes of someone else, no matter how well intentioned their motives had been?

This type of lying or dishonesty can easily become a well established habit. Each time we change a story or version of events to suit ourselves, it becomes easier and easier to do. Is it little wonder then that so many people today have issues with trust, in their personal relationships and day to day dealings with other people.  Some might say that they would rather not know the truth, if it is something that will cause them emotional pain. Or upset their world in a way that they are not prepared for.  What kind of world do we create for ourselves, if we would rather live a life built on falsehood.  Eventually the reality and truth of our lives will make themselves felt. Often in a more shocking and painful way, then it would have done, if we had been willing to face up to the situation earlier.

Lying corrodes the spirit and it wounds the heart and mind. Particularly when we lie to those we love, and even more importantly, when we lie to ourselves. Sometimes lying or living a dishonest life can make us physically ill. The strain of maintaining a deception and the self disgust people come to feel, eats away at their feelings of self worth.  Which makes them vulnerable to illness and depression.  But it does not have to be this way. It is never too late to change, to decide in any moment, to be honest and truthful.  Have the courage of your convictions. Sometimes people tell lies because they are afraid to tell the truth. But eventually all lies have a way of being found out. It is much better to be truthful from the start. It will save you much heartache in the long run. Ask yourself this question. If you have to lie to be loved or accepted by someone. Is that friendship, relationship really worth it?

Truthfulness and honesty are the real cornerstones of our lives. Imagine how you would feel if someone you loved and cared for lied to you. Think of the many ways in which it would affect your life and future relationships. I believe we should always treat other people with the love and respect we would wish for ourselves. Character and integrity are attributes that cannot be given to us, we achieve them for ourselves through maturing and growing as decent human beings. It doesn’t matter what other people think of us, as long as we can live with ourselves. A life that is lived dishonestly, is not living. Make today a day that you start to live!

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