September 3, 2013

The Voice Within

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The Voice Within

Deep within you is a soft small voice, that constantly strives to be heard over the incessant chatter of your mind. This voice is the one who knows the silent yearnings of your heart and soul;  The one, who if you would only listen can help to guide you safely through your life’s journey.

The inner voice, also known as the intuitive or higher self. Is that part of you that is eternally connected to the universal consciousness. The universal consciousness can be likened to a continuous river of intuitive and psychic energy, that you are able to tap into any time you need it. Within it lies all the wisdom and experience that you have accumulated through previous lives. As well as the accumulated spiritual wisdom of enlightened beings and spiritual masters. At its head is the source of all things, the Christ consciousness; The divine, an eternal spring of creation and pure, unconditional love.

There is no need to seek out other people, to ask for their thoughts and opinions on your life situation. For all the answers already lie within you. How can someone else know, what is right for you. They have not lived your life or walked in your shoes. Though we may believe, that other people, seem to have all the answers, rarely do they! They struggle with the same problems as you do, and like you mistakenly think that others know more or better then they do.

By connecting to your intuition, the voice within, you take control of your own life. It is not something you have to force or compel. It is always there within your grasp; all you need to do, is to ‘allow it’ to happen. To do this, you have to create the right conditions, for it to blossom into life within you. Find a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and take some slow deep easy breaths. Allow any exterior noises to wash over you, and they will gradually recede. Don’t try to block them out, for that will only make you feel tense. Just let them go.

As you become more deeply relaxed; Visualise in your mind’s eye a place that has always calmed and soothed you. It can be something from your memory, or an imagined space that induces a sense of peace within you.  For example; A beautiful beach, with a long sandy shoreline. You find somewhere to sit. You look out to sea, listening to the gentle lapping of the waves against the shore. Or a beautiful sunlit wood. Where you are sheltered by a canopy of leafy green trees. You sit upon the soft grass, taking in the rich earthy perfume of the natural smells of nature that surround you. You feel very relaxed, at peace and safe.

Allow your senses to open and expand. In this place, your inner voice, can finally be heard. You may have a question, or questions to a problem that has been worrying you for a long time. Or simply feel lost and in need of some guidance and direction. You don’t even have to think about this, because your intuition, already knows it! It is aware of everything about you, and what troubles your heart. Just sit and listen. Your intuition your inner voice, may come to you in images; You may meet your inner guide, a manifestation of your inner voice which can show itself in many different forms; You could encounter a wise teacher from the spirit world, where you enter into a dialogue with them.  Or  you may suddenly see with great clarity, the answers to your dilemma. The knowledge burning brightly in your mind.

As human beings, we are constantly making time for other people in our lives, and yet neglect our own needs shamefully. I believe, that If you make the time to create the space in your life, to regularly connect with your inner voice; it would be the best gift that you could give to yourself. One that will constantly surprise, guide and inspire you. So make a decision today; A promise to yourself. That you will allow the inner voice within you, to be heard!

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