To live a full life is more than just about how much money you have, or how successful you are. For many, this is enough, but for some, it is not. Disillusioned with the material and superficial, people long for meaning and purpose in their lives. In the beginning, there may be just a sense.. read more →

To live a contented and  happy life,  is something we all wish for.  Yet for many, this state of being remains elusive.  As difficult to hold on to, as capturing the mythical ‘Blue bird of happiness’. So why is it, that for so many people,  no matter how hard they try, lasting happiness always seems.. read more →

The principle of Mantra, is that sound creates vibration, and vibration creates energy. The word mantra has two parts. ‘Man’, which is the Sanskrit word for mind – and ‘tra’, which is the root of the Sanskrit word for instrument. A mantra is therefore an instrument of the mind, a powerful sound or vibration that.. read more →

Having long been fascinated by the spiritual beliefs of others. There is one spiritual path that holds great interest for me, and that is the ‘The way of the Shaman’. Shamanism is not a religion, but a spiritual path based on community service. The word Shaman is comes from the word ‘saman’, in the language.. read more →

The word lightworker, is one which you will hear used a lot, particularly in healing and metaphysical circles. The term is used to describe someone who appears to embody innate spiritual qualities in abundance. They are very loving and sensitive; caring and empathic. They often exhibit a strong desire to heal others and are often.. read more →