July 12, 2015

Spirit Guides

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Spirit Guides

Anyone who has an interest in spiritualism or mediumship will have heard of the term ‘spirit guide’. Also sometimes referred to as a ‘guardian angel’.  It is believed that Spirit Guides are spiritual beings assigned to us throughout our lives. To watch over us and guide us through the journey of life. According to many spiritual and ancient wisdom philosophies, spirit guides are not always of human descent. Some spirit guides live as energy, in the cosmic realm, or as light beings, who are highly evolved spiritual beings. Some spirit guides are people who have lived many former lifetimes, paid their karmic debts, and advanced beyond the need to reincarnate again. Many believe that spirit guides are chosen by human beings while they are still ‘between lives’ in the spirit world and who are about to incarnate and wish assistance.  The Native American people  believe that a spirit guide can take the form of an animal, referred to as an ‘Animal Totem’.  The animals express the spirit nature of that species and exemplify qualities we can learn from. They are psychological and spiritual symbols that convey to us qualities we are needing or lacking in our daily lives. They are a mirror of us reflecting our own innate qualities to help ourselves better understand our connection to all things.

One school of thought believes that throughout our life time we will have several spirit guides, rather than just one. That different guides will come into our lives at different points, because as we grow and develop, our needs will change. These guides are our teachers and come to offer us assistance in the development of growing gifts and abilities. Spirit guides are not allowed to tell us what to do, their role is more of a protective one. But, whilst they are unable to interfere, as this would hinder our progress, they can help us to see things more clearly and nudge us gently in the right direction.

Many well-known psychics have publicly described their guides. Helena Blavatsky talked about being advised by ‘Mahatmas’, discarnate personages from India and especially Tibet, who dressed and behaved according to the dictates of their respective cultures. Alice Bailey also described having contact with a spirit teacher whom she called ‘The Tibetan’. Sylvia Browne identified hers as ‘Francine’. Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium, simply calls her guide ‘Spirit’ and has described it as a “high level spirit” who has never incarnated. In addition, she had said that others have spirit guides as well.

American Spiritualists of the 19th and 20th centuries often described their guides as resembling Native Americans. One popular spirit guide of this type, encountered by many Anglo-American Spiritualists, was named White Hawk. Among African – American Spiritualists, especially those in churches that were founded by or influenced by Mother Leafy Anderson, the Native American guide was named Black Hawk, and was presumed to be the spirit of the Sac tribe warrior of the same name. Some individuals believe that long dead relatives can also act as spirit guides.

There are no hard and fast rules as such. But the general consensus is that a Spirit Guide, is a spirit of pure vibration, an old soul, who chooses to return to the earth plane to offer their service to help those in need. It is seen by many as an act of unconditional love, because to choose to leave the rarefied, peaceful existence of the spirit world to interact with human beings with all their angst and difficulties, is not an easy thing.

If you decide that you would like to connect with your spirit guide. It is important to remember that you are opening up to the spirit world. Initially, you are open to all spirit contact, not just the one you want. Protection is very important, as is the intention, to only communicate with spirit of the ‘highest vibration’. Always say a prayer first and ask that only the highest vibration of spirit, who are working for ‘your greatest good’ come through. You can make up your own prayer, or use a traditional one from your own particular spiritual/religious belief path.

Clear your mind and state your intention very clearly. Always focusing on the light. An example might be: Visualize yourself surrounded by a white/gold light. Ask for protection from.. Angels, Archangels, God/Creator etc. Then say “I would like to communicate with my Spirit Guide, I am asking for my Spirit Guide to make contact with me. My intentions are pure and only for my highest good. I ask that ‘only’ spirits of the highest vibration are allowed to come near, or to make contact with me”. You must continue to do this even when contact has been established.

You may notice when spirit draws near that you experience physical sensations. Some describe an intense tingling sensation, heat, cold, goose bumps. Their hearing may seem fuzzy or sounds become louder. You may get butterflies in your solar plexus. If you are not used to working with spirit energy this can be a little disconcerting at first. But assuming you are fit and healthy then this is quite a normal reaction to the changes felt in the auric field as you sense/feel spirit energy draw near. Many like to keep a diary or journal into which they can keep a record of their experiences and information received. It is important to regularly re-affirm your intention, and to test that the spirit communication with your guide is genuine and authentic. If at any time you feel uneasy, or that the information you are receiving seems negative, or that you are being forced to act against your own moral compass or will, then you must stop. Part of spiritual growth and maturity is to learn to be discerning and if you are to embark on spirit communication you must learn this.

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