October 1, 2013


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When we think of Soulmates, we most likely think about romance. Some people go through life searching for that perfect person who will make them feel complete. They discard anybody who doesn’t fit this description and believe there is only one perfect person out there for them. One story about soulmates describes how a person was separated into two halves and scattered far apart. Both halves then spent the rest of their lives trying to find their other half.

Although this sounds nice, in principle; if these people never find their soulmate, they can end up lonely and miserable. It may be true that there is one perfect person out there but the world is a huge place and it is disheartening to think that one may never find true love.

This is just one aspect of soulmates. Some people believe that soulmates don’t have to appear as a romantic interest. It is equally possible that your soulmate is your best friend or a new colleague you meet at work. This may sound disappointing for those of you who like to believe in romance; however, if you take time to think about the idea of soulmates and what they mean to you, it may make more sense.

What is a Soulmate?
The story about the person becoming separated into two halves, is an illustration of how a soulmate can help you to feel complete again, but what exactly is a soulmate?
People say that you can have more than one soulmate in this lifetime. Your husband may be your soulmate, but your auntie may also be one. A soul mate is someone who you feel deeply connected to. You will have an unexplained psychic bond with them; you will seem to know what the other is thinking without speaking and you may both go to call each other at exactly the same time. If a soulmate is not a family member, you may feel a strange sense of recognition when your first see them. You might feel as though you’ve known them forever and you are likely to forge a strong relationship with them. You will likely have lots in common and both of you will want to spend lots of time together.

It is likely that you recognise this other person, because you were together in the Spiritual realm, before you were born or, if you believe in reincarnation, you may have flashbacks from a previous life together.

Soulmate relationships are not always easy. Each of you may have unresolved issues from previous lives together and you will need to work on resolving those issues in this lifetime. You both choose the lessons you need to learn in this lifetime and you have been brought together to help each other to do this. Sometimes this may be hard and cause heartache. If you are in a loving relationship, with your soulmate, and you keep arguing about the same things, perhaps this is the lesson you need to learn.

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