February 21, 2014

Releasing Repressed Emotions

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We all lead such busy and stressful lives. Almost every day we come into contact with people who ‘push our buttons’. Day to day events or situations can also bring up anger, fear, resentment and frustration. Even members of our family can cause all sorts of emotions to bubble and brew.

Many of us were taught we shouldn’t show anger or that it was wrong to fight back. Instead we were told platitudes like ‘Two wrongs don’t make a right’ or ‘It is better to turn the other cheek’. Although there is some truth to these statements, this doesn’t help us on an energetic or physical level, as we squash down our emotions, smother those feelings and try to pretend we are unaffected by what is going on around us.

The problem is that holding emotions inside isn’t healthy. Those turbulent thoughts and emotions trapped in our body will attempt to let us know that we have issues that need addressing, sometimes resurfacing as emotional symptoms, like rashes, skin irritations and headaches. If we don’t acknowledge them, they can begin to manifest into sore throats, ears and lower back problems or other dis-ease within our body. (dis-ease is defined as ‘not being at ease within our being)

So how do we release these emotions, without hurting or affecting anyone else? Well, if we can manage to ‘tap into our heart-space’, it is possible to speak our truth to those we love. However, if we are too angry to attempt that or if we can’t talk to the person involved, then we would be better off writing a letter.

A letter is a great way to release any pent up emotions. We can write down exactly what we are thinking and feeling. There is no one to butt in or disturb our flow. We can just ‘tell it like it is’.

It is important to really tap into your feelings, relive what happened as much as you can and totally immerse yourself into that moment in time. The intention is to get in touch with everything you were feeling at the time, so you can then ‘let it go’. It is probably a good idea to make sure you have some quiet uninterrupted time to do this, as it will stir up feelings that you may not want to share with those around you.

At the end of the letter, write: ‘I release all emotions from this person and this situation.’ You can also write that you forgive the person involved, but that is entirely up to you. Sometimes, when it is difficult to forgive the person, it can be simpler to forgive the situation. Remember to forgive yourself for the part you played in it as well.

Often we blame ourselves for not saying what we needed to say, acting in a way that honoured us, or we may even think we should have known better before getting into a situation like that. It is important to remember that right now you are looking back with hindsight. Hindsight means you have grown or changed since this happened, so you are not the same person you were back then, even if it was only five minutes ago!

When you have finished the letter, take it outside (somewhere safe) and burn it. As you do so, imagine the anger, pain or fear being swept up into the smoke and released into the ether, where it will be filtered and cleansed.

If you really want to, you can stamp on the ashes, or, maybe you would like to put them in the base of a beautiful pot plant, so something good can grow from what you have experienced. Releasing pent up emotions doesn’t always affect those emotional symptoms we may have been experiencing instantaneously. Often we have held them in for some time, and it will take a little while for our body to return to a sense of balance.

You can write as many letters as you like, to as many people as you feel the need to. There is no limit. It is a great way to honour your feelings and bring peace into your life and your being.

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  1. Some people relate to others on a superficial level and their interactions come to easy, nothing is ever deep, feelings are not profound. For those of us who want truth and real relationships with people, not taking it all personally can be very difficult. With age and experience, I have learned to control this a bit, meditation helps.

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