February 23, 2014

Psychic Protection

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Psychic protection acts as an impermeable barrier to other people’s thoughts and feelings. It keeps out unwanted intrusions and prevents energy leakage. It safeguards your inner and outer space. Psychic protection is subtle and invisible. It is a defensive cocoon, within which you are safe. Psychic protection is putting out, and attracting back only good vibrations. Practicing psychic protection strengthens your aura. It creates a natural defense mechanism, the equivalent of your physical immune system.

As more people seek to open up their consciousness, or develop their intuitive and psychic or healing abilities; so does the need for clear and simple guidelines to psychic protection increases. As more people undertake shamanic journeys, so the need to protect oneself at the subtle level is greater than ever. However, almost everyone at some time in their life will need psychic protection. One of the best ways to protect yourself is not to be fearful. Fear attracts negative energies and so you have to do extra work to create a safe space for yourself. There may be a few different circumstances that you may find yourself in, or having to deal with. So it is important that you know how to protect yourself.

Psychic Pitfalls

People who work with other people, especially in counselling or healing, are particularly susceptible to picking up negative energies or ‘thought forms’ from their clients. You need a quick way to release these, and a form of protection which will prevent them from attaching in the first place. If you are a counsellor or healer, without psychic protection your own energy may be drained by your clients. There are ‘psychic vampires’ around and needy people are the most likely to sap your energy even if it is an unconscious act on their part. You may unknowingly take home your clients thoughts and feelings. You may be prone to illness and feel depleted without realizing that this comes from a psychic source connected to your work.

If you are psychically over-sensitive, a simple journey into work is fraught with problems. Sit next to someone who has a headache, and you arrive at work with a headache yourself. Stand crushed up against someone who is angry and you absorb that anger. Emanations can sometimes affect even the most psychically insensitive. Sleep in a strange hotel room, and you share the bed with everyone else who has ever slept there. Not everything left behind in such rooms is physical and easily cleared away. Places too can affect you. Stand on a Geo-pathically stressed spot, and your energy rushes out of your feet. As nature abhors a vacuum, something else will rush in to fill the space.

Many people are surprised to find that their psychic energy is being affected by someone, or something, attached to their aura. A condition known as Psychic Attachment. This ‘other person’ may be alive or dead. They are often family members who have not moved on after death, but they can also be someone with whom there has been a contact a long time ago and who has been forgotten about, at a conscious level. Equally, the hold can be by a still living ex-partner who finds it impossible to let go; Or by a mother who cannot release her children. Such an attachment can only take place where personal boundaries are weak, where there is an energy gap, or where the family was psychically enmeshed. Detaching such a soul and moving them on their way can be beneficial for both parties. The ‘something’ that is attached or influencing may be a thought form or a mental influence from another person, alive or dead.

The key to good psychic protection is to find exactly the right method for you and the situations you find yourself in. Something you can use quickly and easily. You need a method in harmony with your own way of thinking. A practice that resonates with what you yourself believe. Something that feels good. Perfecting whichever technique you choose allows you to use it when you need it. It is no help at all to have to hunt for a book, or look online when you become aware of a problem. Your method of protection needs to be well established so that it becomes an automatic process to switch it on, ‘before it is needed’. Many people find that starting and ending the day by checking that their protection is in place, gives them a feeling of safety that nothing can shake.

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  1. “People who work with other people, especially in counselling or healing, are particularly susceptible to picking up negative energies” I lost a counselor friend to this. Very unfortunate. We all need to develop our psychic protection but more so people who work in the healing or even criminal/law professions.

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