September 13, 2014

Psychic Children

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I believe that all children possess psychic abilities, but that many are ignored, dismissed or even punished for voicing thoughts and feelings, relating to the spirit world. But, just as with other gifts and natural aptitudes, the depth and power of this ability will vary from child to child. Children do not judge. They accept without question, because they are pure and innocent; Completely lacking in expectation, and as yet, not contaminated by the thoughts and opinions of others.

Children accept the unusual, the unexpected, and new experiences quite naturally, far more easily then we adults do – because a young child will spend most of it’s time, playing, and living, out of their very vivid imaginations. To a child, the world  is a magical place, full of wonder and untold possibilities. A precious state of being, that many adults feel the loss of most keenly, as they grow older.

Many people who are reading this article will be parents themselves, or have little nieces and nephews. I’d like you to pause for a moment and ask yourself some questions. Has your child or a child you know well, ever had an imaginary friend whom he or she is able to describe in so much detail, that it stops you in your tracks? Has your child ever been inconsolably sad, afraid or inexplicably happy in a certain room or place for no apparent reason? Have you ever visited somewhere your child has never been before, only to find them unsettled or emotional? Have they ever seemed sure, that you have been to a place before when you absolutely know with certainty, that you have not? The reason for this could be, that for the child, the place they are visiting feels so familiar, that they believe it should be so for you too. Have you ever heard your child laughing or talking, when you the sensible adult, knows there is no one else around? You put it down to their overactive imagination. But are you sure that it is only their imagination, and not something else?

There have been numerous instances of a child telling their parents something about a long-gone relative. A much loved Grandparent, that they could not possibly know. Has this happened to you? And did you dismiss it, putting it  down to a comment you must have made to them about that person without remembering? What if they point to someone in a photograph, a person who died long before they were born, and tell you something uncannily accurate about that person? Is that just a childish fancy, or imagination. Or is something else going on?

Has your child ever spoken to you, of a time before this time. When they had another Mummy or Daddy. Or of the time they were in heaven. Strange though this might seem to many, it occurs more often then you think. My own sister told me that her daughter aged 3 said this very same thing to her. And I have other friends, whose children have made similar comments. In some cultures, particularly those in India, discussion about past life and reincarnation are common-place. Because it is  a fundamental part of their belief and culture. There have been documented cases, where children in this country have actually been taken to visit ‘relatives’ from a recent past life. They recognized their ‘previous’ parent straight away and a joyous reunion takes place. Readily sharing old memories with them of that bygone time. Identifying local landmarks and old haunts with ease.

It is important to make sure that the psychic child understands what their ability is. For example:  Make sure that your child knows that spirits will not harm them!  If they are empathic, explain to them what an empath is. Tell them, that their gifts and abilities are real, and will most likely always be a part of their everyday life. You want to teach them how to live in harmony with their gifts and to be comfortable with them. As they get older, they will quickly realize that not everyone can see, sense or feel as they do, and will come to understand intuitively, who they can speak freely to about it, and who they cannot. It is important that you, as the parent of a psychic/intuitive child “Indigo child”, reassures them that it is a natural and special gift, and that there is nothing to be afraid of.  As long as they feel loved and secure, they will grow up as well balanced individuals who will understand and appreciate the ability they have.

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2 Responses to Psychic Children
  1. Very interesting article. This topic has never crossed my mind. I was actually reading another article here when I came across this one. I know some children who have demonstrated psychic abilities based on your descriptions above. I tend to dismiss them, I’m afraid to say, because they come from such young children. I always thought such kids has very active imaginations, is all. This is a very curious topic. Will read more on it. Thanks!

  2. Dream Guide

    Hi Vivianne, I am so glad you found the article interesting. It does make you think doesn’t it. I wouldn’t assume all childlike imaginary games have a supernatural quality to them. But wouldn’t take it out of the equation either. And suggest that parents take what their children say, a little more seriously. Children are so open and accepting. It’s a pity that as we grow older to some degree we lose that quality. I think connecting with our inner child, is something we should try to do more of. What do you think?

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