September 8, 2013

Positive Thinking

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Positive Thoughts

Your whole life is a reflection of what you think, you create the world you see with your every thought. If your mind is full of positivity, you will see a world brimming with happiness and opportunity. On the other hand if your mind is full of negativity, all you will see is problems and a lack of hope. The world can become very dark if your mind has lost its positive glow.

The mind is very fragile, you should tend to it like a garden, beautiful thoughts will not flower if your mind is full of invasive negative thoughts. How can you expect to find happiness, if you allow those negative thoughts to grow unchecked. You must see them for what they are, you must remove them from your mind, and in their place you must sow the seed of understanding instead. When you begin to understand, doubt and confusion begins to die within your mind. Problems only take root, because you are left in the dark, if your mind is full of light it goes without saying, that you will see more and know more.

Negative thinking solves nothing, it just keeps you chained to what you focus your mind on. When you over-think a problem without finding a resolution, you end up giving power to the problem, you allow it to control you. First and foremost, you must never let anything gain that much control that you are left powerless, by doing so you give away your own strength, your sense of purpose. The only time you should let go fully is if you wish to free yourself of the problem, then let go and let the universe take over, but if you do this you must also let go of the need for an outcome. You must let go and let God do what you cannot.

It is not always easy to think positively all day long, yes you can learn to look on the bright side of life, you can learn to let go of your need for everything to go your way, but you will become disappointed from time to time, this is natural, virtually every soul on the planet has had a disappointment of one sort or another. You are not alone, you will not be the first or the last person on earth to suffer defeat. You must ask yourself this, “do I want to become a bad loser or do I want to learn to accept defeat with good grace”. It is a simple question, but the way you deal with problems, in the end will shape the type of life that you have.

It is not a defeatist attitude to be able to accept defeat, it is empowering, it means you will not waste time wallowing in self pity, it means you will pick yourself off the floor faster, than you would do if you carried on bemoaning your every downfall. Life is for the living, you cannot expect to be happy if you continually complain about your bad luck. You must let it go, you must take defeat, as an inspiration to do better next time, you must not let it define you.

Each and every moment you must let go of what was, so you can embrace what is to come, you must fill your mind with light, and with this light you will find that positivity becomes second nature. It is all about unlearning bad habits and learning new and healthy habits. Just the same as you would do on a healthy diet, you would watch what you ate, with the mind you watch what you put into it and you make sure that you do not over-think anything that worries you. You become fat if you overeat what is bad for you and you will become mentally ill if you over-think that which worries you. You know it all makes sense, so please let go of that dark cloud, so the sun of happiness can shine once more.

Remember to smile, there is more to this life than worrying your every day away, happiness will come when you make happiness your mantra.

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2 Responses to Positive Thinking
  1. Such great words………… As from today I will start living my life with positive thoughts……….

  2. Leon

    Negative thinking never got anyone anywhere, it only takes one positive thought kgadi to change your life. To never obsess again in a negative way.

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