August 30, 2013

Patience Is A Virtue

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Patience Is A Virtue

Without it you are nothing, with it life opens to you like a flower on a spring morning. Patience is a simple word, but in practice it has the power to completely change your life. The word is derived from Latin, the word Pati means to suffer, to endure without complaint. None of us are born with the quality of patience, more the opposite, we were born with a total lack of patience. As babies virtually everyone of you reading this, would have cried and had a tantrum if you did not get what you wanted instantly. Therefore patience is a learned skill not something that comes totally natural.

If your teachers in early life were poor, it would of only made you more selfish, more greedy, more impatient. Usually if a child gets less it starts to appreciate what it does get. If a child is spoilt, it will expect more and more. The key is finding the balance and the key for you, is unlearning every bad way that has left you with a  lack of patience. If you lack patience, you have not learned to endure hardship, you have learned the opposite, to complain and moan all the way until you get what you want, that is if you ever get it.

Why fight with a problem when you can find a more peaceful, less stressful way forwards. Nothing good in this world was ever built without patience, so what makes you think you can build a perfect life, unless you learn this skill.  Getting upset and worked up has got you nowhere in the past, it just brings dark clouds ever closer. You can’t find a solution while your mind is not at peace, getting angry just jeopardises your chances of finding a way through.

You need to look at life again, look from another angle, remember how lucky you are, you live and breathe, this is a miracle in itself. You need to see things through the eyes of humility, you need to take a step back and become a little more humble. You do not need the computer or phone you are reading this on, would it really kill you to go without it for a few days. Would it kill the man to catch the bus or walk to work, who had his car break down on him earlier today. No it would not, there is always a way through, if you learn to see problems differently. Maybe the universe was telling the man to get off his backside, so he could do some exercise for once, maybe the universe wanted you to rest your eyes from the glare of the phone or computer screen. Maybe just maybe your eyes needed opening again to everything else that is going on around you.

You can miss so much being preoccupied with one thing, everything happens for a reason and even if things are going slow, this is for a reason also. If God or the universe gave you what you wanted today, maybe your hands would be too full for what you really needed when it came tomorrow. Do you see what I am saying, can you see that everything can be looked at from another angle. You need not look on the dark side when you can look on the bright side. Learning patience, is simple, all you need to do is look again, look with new eyes and you will see the world as it is, not what your frustrated mind is telling you.

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