January 1, 2014

New Beginnings

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Just as the seasons change so must you, as each new year passes, you must shed the old so as to allow new growth to come through. The tree sheds its leaves in winter, so it can be replenished with new growth, the same principle applies to the human world, friendships, jobs, relationships and a multitude of connections will cease or change continually into another form. Life like a stream should never be stagnant, it should be ever flowing and ever evolving into something new and re-vitalising.

A fresh start is a fresh chance to make your world beautiful, you must not see change as a hindrance, you may have lost your job or fell out with a loved one, but that does not mean the end of the world. It means the beginning of a new world, and why should this new world be any worse than what has gone before. Stop being the pessimist, stop expecting things to get worse, you only fulfil your own prophecy with this way of thinking. The world around you will not change for the better until you do.

Does the caterpillar bemoan its time in solitude, no it does not, it waits patiently until it is ready to take flight into a new world, it knows innately that everything happens for a purpose, it does not question, it just prepares itself for its next phase of its life. Just as you must do, you must stand back from your troubles, you must be patient with yourself, you will evolve just as the butterfly does, if you give yourself the attention you deserve. If you listened to yourself, just for a short while, you would understand what must be done.

A child sees this world anew every day, it does not look backwards, or forwards, it lives for the moment, it does not worry about what will happen next month, or about how it failed the month before, the child sees only the day it is living in. The sad fact is many adults forget how to see life so simply, how can tomorrow bring happiness, if you have one foot in yesterday worrying about what was. How can anyone be happy if they are filled with worries from yesterday and living in fear what tomorrow might bring. This is not a way to live, you must see every day as a fresh chance to begin again, tomorrow life will be better because you have said so. If you look back yesterday will be better because you have learned from your mistakes, you have gained wisdom and understanding.

You must stop seeing problems as the enemy, in truth you are your worst enemy tormenting yourself with negative thoughts, let it all go, so that you can be filled once again with the innocence of a child.  You will not be happy while you cloud your mind with unhappy thoughts, how can you see a clear way forwards if you just focus on the negative, focus on what brings light to your mind, in doing so you will find that life begins to look much brighter.

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2 Responses to New Beginnings
  1. A breath taking spiritual truth indeed. Thank you for making it all clear. The passage was definitely meant for me. I spent most of last year focusing on other problems and clouding my mind with negative thoughts, than feeding my mind with a clear and happy conscious. I like the example of a child. It really does make sense. I promise to be different this year. We must all understand that everything in life happen with the purpose. Its the purpose that define events and character.

    Best Regards

  2. Leon

    Very true Leonardt, everything does happen for a reason, we must not lose focus on this. It is easy to think that the world is against us. Our worst enemy can often be our own negative thoughts. We must continually be letting go, so that we can embrace the future with a fresh outlook.

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