June 26, 2014

Mantras And Vibrational Healing

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The principle of Mantra, is that sound creates vibration, and vibration creates energy. The word mantra has two parts. ‘Man’, which is the Sanskrit word for mind – and ‘tra’, which is the root of the Sanskrit word for instrument. A mantra is therefore an instrument of the mind, a powerful sound or vibration that you can use to enter a deep state of meditation.

According to the Vedic tradition, the ancient sages were able to hear the subtle vibrations produced by everything in nature. The sounds of the wind, thunder, butterflies, rushing rivers and all other creations. They recognized that these sounds are the manifestation of spirit into matter. They identified ‘Om’ or ‘Aum’ as the most elemental sound, representing the infinite universal consciousness. For thousands of years, people have used mantras as a means of expanding their awareness, and connection to the divine.

Scientists have shown that under certain conditions, vibrations caused by Mantra, can cause small particles of matter group themselves together in definite geometrical patterns and figures, corresponding exactly to the quality, strength and rhythm of sound. Thus the frequency of sound energy influences the forms which merge when that energy becomes visible. Over two hundred years ago the German physician Ernest Chladni discovered that he could make vibration patterns visible. He mounted a thin metal plate on a violin, scattered sand on the plate, ad found that when the violin was played, the sand arranged itself into the most beautiful patterns.

These arrangements were known as ‘Chladni’s figures’, and developed because the sand only came to rest on those parts of the plate where there was no vibration. They have been used extensively in physics to demonstrate wave function, and they demonstrate very clearly that different frequencies produce different formal patterns. These patterns can also be seen in organic forms in nature and the animal kingdom. For example, the rings on a tree trunk, the stripes of the tiger and the hexagonal grids of insect mounds, such as ants and bee hives. It has been demonstrated that muscles under tension produce audible sound. Research has shown that everything, everywhere emits sound, even if it is too low or too high to hear. Just as ultrasonic waves destroy bacteria, so Mantras have been used in the form of healing through these sound waves.

There are many different Mantras that can be used. Some called Bija (Seed) mantra. They have no exact meaning but act directly on the nerves of astral body. The other type of mantras, having a combination of words, and having some meaning also set up powerful vibrations in the body. Most common, however is the deity mantras, in which a specific form with attributes is visualized along with the repetition of the sound. Others refer to specific qualities someone might want to develop, such as, courage, clarity, acceptance or inner balance. Mantras act upon our bodies by reprogramming the vibrations of the cells that have somehow gone awry. They restore the pattern of sounds at the heart of each and every cell, thus pushing the cells toward harmonious health. Mantras affect not only our physical body but also our subtle body. Our emotions, intellect and soul. They also positively affect our aura, which is the etheric energy shield that surrounds the body.

Mantra is a very special art and should be learned slowly and gradually. The practice of mantra can elicit different responses from people, because we are all individual. The voice is like a finger print, no two people have the same set. Mantra is a technique that is available to you, a means of expanding yourself, improving your health and calming your thoughts. Mantra is unique, it is ever changing, just as we as individuals change and grow every second of every minute of every day.

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  1. Great article. I was researching the “science of sound” as part of a course and a friend of mine sent me this article. It is another, albeit, interesting way of looking at things, I would say, more spiritual. Thank you!

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