October 18, 2013

Looking Toward New Horizons

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New Horizons

In a world where there is so much upheaval and uncertainty. One could hardly blame people for wanting things to stay the same. Finding comfort and security in the routines they have established for themselves. Particularly if in the past life has been particularly turbulent and stressful. But, can this tendency to want to play things safe, stifle creativity and growth? Is there a fine line to walk, between creating a peaceful life for ourselves to becoming stuck in a rut where we are so fearful of trying something new that we stagnate and become dissatisfied with life?

As human beings, I believe we actually thrive and flourish when faced with and challenged by new experiences. That it is only when we encounter something new do we have the opportunity to add to the skills that we already have; and to challenge long held beliefs and thoughts about the world around us. It is only when we move out of our comfort zones, do we even begin to touch on what we are capable of being and doing.

The world beyond our shores is such a vast place with a rich diversity of people, customs and cultures. Human beings have always been  adventurers and pioneers. Filled with a burning curiousity to see what is beyond the next horizon. Constantly pushing beyond known boundaries to discover what lies ahead. Those boundaries are not just geographical, they are also emotional and spiritual. In all my travels, it has never ceased to amaze me how similar we all are. Not just in our personal lives, but in our spiritual beliefs. We may call them by different names and use different words. But the intent and energy behind them are identical.

When people become rigid in their view of life and hold tightly to their preconceptions and judgements. It does not matter how much the landscape of the world changes, they will be blind to anything fresh because they cannot see past the old. Or, have become afraid of trying something different, because in the past new experiences turned out to be negative ones. They expect the same thing to keep on happening. To look to new horizons can just as easily mean gaining a new perspective on life, as it can be to seeking out new places. A willingness to embrace new experiences, and a flexible attitude towards life is often all that is needed to act as a catalyst to create the inner changes needed to view the outer world differently.

I believe every situation and life experience is different and must be experienced on its own merit. As people age, it is natural that they will mature and through this maturity their level of awareness will alter. So even an old experience once rejected can become a new one if approached with a different attitude.

Do not fear change or growing older. For often both come to us with a gift in their hands. A reminder, that we are all mortal and that life and time are both very precious. If we decide to stand still and feel we have nothing left to learn or discover. Then that is not living, and we are simply treading water until our time comes to pass into the next world. So the next time the opportunity comes to explore new horizons. Grab it joyfully with both hands.

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