February 20, 2014

Life Event Dreams

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The significance of important life events, such as birth, deaths and marriages cannot be underestimated. They are quite simply what make individuals who they are, marking their passage through time. Any decisions relating to these events, therefore, are likely to be reflected in our dreams. The occasions themselves, the ceremony and preparation associated with them; or any doubts about the people involved, may also appear in dreams, either in the form of wish fulfillment, or given the potential stress involved, as anxiety dreams.

Many people who have undergone a major life-changing event, such as birth, bereavement or marriage may find their dreams full of comforting images. Perhaps of their childhood, or of familiar faces and favourite haunts. The unconscious mind is helping the dreamer to adapt to the changes in their lives, by providing reassuring scenarios to help the dreamer feel inwardly at least, more secure.

Pregnancy is as old as history, but first-time mothers are often overwhelmed by feelings of astonishment and responsibility for the new life inside them. Dreams about pregnancy are often related to hopes for new projects or adventures in your life. Dreams about birth occur among both man and women and, unless the dreamer is actually pregnant, they usually represent a new project or phase. Though having said that. It has been known for a pregnancy dream to come in a prophetic way. Or, it may be that on a deep unconscious level. A women is ready for the responsibility of motherhood and this arises in her dream, as a wish to be fulfilled. Pregnant women often dream about the act of giving birth. Particularly first time mothers, who are trying to deal with the fear of the unknown.

If you dream you are present at a birth, as a father or helper, this symbolises your encouragement and support for someone else’s ideas. New babies, helpless, yet perfectly formed, are symbols of hope and optimism. New parents often dream of dreadful events befalling their children, but this is simply an expression of their anxiety about their new role in life or new responsibilities; And is perfectly natural. To dream you are being born yourself, can symbolise the dreamers desire for rebirth. Perhaps a chance to live life again, without the mistakes of the past. A theme that becomes more meaningful with age.

Dreams about death are often disturbing, leaving the dreamer feeling either guilty or worried. Depending on the events of the dream. Primarily, people are afraid that they are experiencing a precognitive or prophetic dream. Many people have reported dreams in which a friend or relative has appeared and said goodbye to them, only to discover on waking that, that the person actually died during the night. Death dreams are sometimes followed by bad news from the individuals concerned, and can be a means of preparing individuals for the death of someone close to them. Having said that, these types of dreams are quite rare, and often the dream is simply symbolic of change. The transition from one phase of their life to another. Or an indication that if a relationship is struggling, work needs to be done to save it. Or, a decision to let go and move on must be made.

Dreams about relatives, friends, loved ones who have died, often help dreamers to grieve and to accept their loss. The dreamer may see their loved one in the past when they were happy together. Or in a completely new and obviously pleasant place. Dreams of this nature usually leave the bereaved dreamer feeling reassured and comforted. Dreams about murdering people. Colleagues and friends or relatives are often subconscious expressions of aggression which cannot be uttered during the day. In the dream they are given the freedom to express these feelings of hostility and anger in safety. Which I believe is a safety-valve, allowing the dreamer to diffuse the build up of harmful stress within, rather then allowing it to spill over in waking life.

Alternatively, the person killed in your dream may represent an aspect of your personality that you wish to ‘kill off’; this is more likely if the dead person is not someone you recognize. Dreams about graves or cemeteries are rarely signs of impending death, but are more likely to reflect the dreamer’s need to bury a relationship or problem. Grave dreams also are often a sign that you should put the past behind you and move on.

Dreams about weddings are heavily dependent on the dreamer’s personal circumstances. But may be wish fulfillment, if the dreamer longs to marry. Fundamentally, marriage is about the union of two people, so in dreams it may reflect a business partnership or even just a sporting partner. Wedding dreams often become surreal, with either partner turning into the wrong person, disasters befalling the guests or the church turning into a ship. Interestingly, these are exactly the sort of anxiety dreams encountered by many happy couples-to-be! Some interpretations given are that if a women dreams that something prevents her wedding, it reflects her apprehension at the prospect of some sort of union, but not necessarily as serious as marriage. It could be about work or something insignificant as a pairing in a competition. Many people dream about marrying a fantasy partner, or someone completely inappropriate. This type of dream may reflect apprehension about an actual wedding or perhaps concerns about other types of partnership. Marriage dreams can also symbolise marrying together, harmonizing the male and female energies of the dreamer. Dreams are very multifaceted. That is why the help of a good Dream Interpreter, can be invaluable when it comes to understanding your dreams in the right context.

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