January 6, 2014

Learn From Your Mistakes

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We have all made a mistake sometime in our life, some of us have made more than our fair share. Yet if you never made a mistake you would never learn anything. You would go on in your own little world thinking that everything was perfect and having no real idea how things really work. As a child you may have had a bicycle, if the bike never had a puncture or the chain never came off, you would happily keep peddling around the streets, not really understanding how you managed to get from A to B. But when the bike broke down, you would of had to get onto your hands and knees, so as to put the chain back on, or you would of had to take the wheel off so you could repair a puncture. By doing this, little by little you became to understand your bike.

Life is just the same, you do not begin to reflect on it, until things start going wrong. You have no need to question your actions if things are going well, you are too busy having fun. But as soon as the metaphoric wheels fall off from beneath you, it becomes inevitable that you will question why. So for this very reason, you should not see mistakes, setbacks or problems as an hindrance, you should see them as a blessing. Yes it may seem backwards thinking, to embrace problems, yet what is the alternative, do you get angry and curse your luck every time something goes wrong, or do you roll your sleeves up and get ready for the next interesting lesson in living.

Life is not a battle, or a chore, it only becomes one, if you so choose to see it that way. You know better, and you should use these lessons to become wiser, and in doing so you will become more adept at dealing with any situation that is put before you. Instead of fearing the unknown, you will welcome it as another method in self growth. Who wants to be a pessimist, who really wants to be a failure. I know that you are no more of a failure than me, we have all made mistakes and we are all capable of making something beautiful from our lives. Do you choose to learn or do you choose to be defeated, even in defeat there is a lesson, so never lose heart.

Out of the ashes the mythical Phoenix rose, out of the blitz, London was rebuilt, even Rome was built bigger and better after its great fire. Nothing on this earth can stop anyone for long, you may have to begin again, but in doing so you will have learned a lesson, you will understand what does not work. You will know what you are capable of doing, and you will know what you need to work on, or what you need a little help with. There is nothing wrong with admitting your failures, it can be likened to crying, by doing so you release the pressure that is put upon you. You are only human you bleed and feel pain like everyone else, more likely than not you will make more mistakes or face problems again in your life, but next time you will be wiser for reading this.

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