January 31, 2014

Inspired To Live Life

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Have you ever wondered what it is that sets some people apart and stand out from the crowd? I am sure we have all known someone like that. A person who appears to have a endless supply of energy and enthusiasm for what they do. And when they talk about it, it is as if a light is switched on from the inside, and we cannot help but be infected and inspired by it. I believe what these people have found, is ‘their passion’ in life. Something that really gets their creative juices going and fills them up with purpose. It does not matter what it is. It can be their work, their art, a hobby or a philosophy. What it does is, is fill their life up with purpose and enthusiasm. A fire that burns brightly within.

I believe inside of all of us, there is a flame waiting to be kindled. It is simply a matter of finding what it is that we love to do, and doing it! Do you remember when you were a child. The world was new and interesting. You were constantly finding new things to try. There were never any thoughts of ‘I can’t do this’, you simply went for it. Confident, in your own abilities, not once thinking that there was anything you could not do. Of course, we did discover we were better at some things then others. But that never deterred us from trying. As we grow older, this simple faith in ourselves diminishes. Why I wonder? Do we listen too much to the opinions of other people? Have we set limitations for ourselves in stone, and refuse to go beyond them? Is it ego; Will we not try anything new for fear of failing and looking foolish in front of others? All these things can be a factor, and are so incredibly limiting. You need to find again That childlike optimism and expectation you once that, that the world was full of exciting, new possibilities and skills to learn.

So what is it that is going to light you up inside and make you jump out of bed each day in excited anticipation? What you need to do, is to rediscover what you knew as a child. What is it, that I really want to do with my life! As a child, my career choices, would change according to whatever book I was reading, or film I’d seen that had fired my imagination. From a roving journalist, traveling the world to report in exotic locations; A private detective having read all the Nancy Drew Mysteries – to becoming a Nun, having seen ‘The Nun Story’. But throughout it all, I had a love of books, story telling, writing and people. And out of all the jobs I have done over the years. It is been in those area’s where I have been able to use those skills, that I have gained my greatest joy, my passion.

Though I know, we cannot all be astronauts or famous film and pop stars. I believe we all once had a love and passion for something, that somehow along the way got lost. But I do not think anything is ever really truly lost. It is just waiting within, to be re-discovered. Sit down and think about what you are doing right now, and do you feel something is missing. Ask yourself, when you had the chance to do what you loved, did you really go for it? Did you give up too easily? In life, things do not always go as we had planned. But that does not mean we cannot try again! You are never too old to start afresh. Or to change direction.

Family and friends can be surprisingly supportive. But,  if the only thing that is holding you back is their approval.  Consider the possibility that they are withholding it for less the generous reasons. Sometimes when people see someone else going after their dreams, when they gave up on theirs; it  can elicit, jealousy and envy. So any criticism you receive about what you want to do, remember to keep that in mind. Question their motives. Ultimately, you can either continue to live your life according to the opinions of others; or you can start to  live it for yourself! On the other hand, you may find others are so inspired by you, that they decide to do the same. Become a light to others. Let your life be an example of someone who had the courage to follow their heart and dreams.

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