November 5, 2013

Incubating Dreams

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Dream Incubation

We all have the ability to dream imaginatively and vividly, and there are many ways in which we can encourage our dream lives to blossom.  We can experience many different types of dreams, which can provide us with great insight and guidance in respect of our daily lives.  Many individuals experience lucid dream states; which means that when they are dreaming, they are consciously aware that they are dreaming; and can potentially influence and guide the direction of their dreams. This can be very helpful, particularly in situations where someone is having an anxiety dream; Because it gives the dreamer the opportunity to face and work through their fears. But, by far the most powerful of dream techniques, is the one in which we are able to ‘incubate’ a dream.

What is incubating a dream:

Dream incubation is a practiced technique of learning to “plant a seed” in the mind, in order for a specific dream topic to occur. By far the most common reason for doing this is problem solving. For example: a person might go to bed repeating to themselves that they will dream about a presentation they have coming up, and want to feel more confident about it. The incubated dream about the presentation might be seen as a kind of ‘dry run or practice’. This can be particularly helpful in the case of someone who gets very nervous at the thought of public speaking. The dreamer may be facing a personal crisis or a difficult dilemma. They have an important decision to make and are undecided. The idea is that the incubated dream, might offer the dreamer a different perspective, or help them to connect with their own inner wisdom. Dream incubation is simply put, a conscious decision, through auto-suggestion, to guide our unconscious minds into the dream realms of our own choosing. To dream about a specific issue when going to sleep.

To realise the full potential of our dreams for self enrichment and guidance, it is important to cultivate the art of visualisation. To do this you can practice by visualising a recent experience you had. Try to remember as much detail as you can. The colours, the time of the day, the temperature. If you had something to eat; try to recall the texture and taste of what you had. By training our consciousness in this way and practicing visualisation before we go to sleep, we can help our unconscious to dream about a particular theme or image. I am sure many of you can recall dreaming about a film you had seen that day, or a book you were reading before sleep. Dream incubation is about deciding before you sleep what you wish to dream about, and starting to visualise that theme in your mind. Dreams appear to us in image form. So to promote a certain type of dream about a specific theme, you have to play out that scenario in your head; So it ceases to become just a thought, but an image. As if you were watching a film of your life on a screen.

To incubate a dream you also need to visualise and keep close to you carefully chosen cues. For example: If you are contemplating the future of your relationship. A cue could be a picture of your partner, or something that belongs to them by the side of your bed. If it is a work related issue. You might put something beside your bed that you use for work. It is important to have something visual around you that is connected to the dream you are wanting to incubate. This is called ‘staging a dream’. Incubating a dream can take practice. So do not be disappointed or put off if at first you don’t succeed. The important thing is to keep trying.

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