November 27, 2013

Fulfilling Your Potential

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In terms of spiritual growth, we often hear people express the desire to ‘fulfill their full potential’.  In life in general, particularly when at school, or in the working environment, you will also probably have heard the words;  “I know you can do better, you have such potential!” So let us look at what the word potential actually means, and ask yourself whether or not you are living your life to the full, and bringing out your full potential.

The definition of the word potential can have the following meanings; Capable of being but not yet in existence; Having possibility, capability, or power. The inherent ability or capacity for growth, development, or coming into being. Have you ever asked yourself, “am I leading the life I envisioned for myself? Have I made the most of all the opportunities that life has offered me so far? Do I have a tendency to roll along in life, getting things done with minimum effort on my part? Could I have got more out of life, if I’d tried harder?

I believe, we rarely ask ourselves these questions, until we reach a point in life, where we really start to feel dissatisfied and unhappy. With a strong sense of not having accomplished anything. Frustrated by our inability to make more progress, in whatever area that interests us. Be that in our career; personal relationships, or in terms of spiritual growth. I also believe, that there comes a point when we become very aware of how quickly time seems to be passing us by. A realisation, that all the plans we had for the future have still not come to fruition. Alternatively, you may have had big plans and hopes and dreams for the future, but due to the pressures of every day life and the practical necessity of having to support yourself and later on a family, you become stuck in a rut, and have simply forgotten.

In order to rediscover your life’s purpose, you have to figure out and discover what your passions are, and remember what your dreams were. Everyone has unique talents and gifts but we sometimes forget what those are along the way. We also have to have a willingness to try new things. For it is only through that process, does the opportunity present itself for us to discover abilities, that we did not know we had. So be prepared to move out of your comfort zone and be more adventurous. Because discovering your life purpose is just like setting out on an exciting new adventure.

Visualise in your mind what kind of life you would like to have. See yourself embarking on a new course of study, or meeting new people and forming unique friendships. If you always wanted to paint, but have spent your life working in a office with figures. See yourself painting, travelling and happily sharing with others who share your passion. The power of visualising what we want out of life cannot be underestimated. When we do this, the law of attractions starts to come into play; And as if by magic, opportunities to fulfill your ambitions will present themselves. You will start to meet people, who will point you in the right direction.

As human beings, we are incredibly talented and multi-faceted. We are capable of so much more then we think we are. Fulfilling our full potential means, I believe, having the potential to do almost anything we put our minds too. The little boy who once had a dream of being a pilot; could still learn to fly a plane. The women who spent her life, raising her family with little time for herself; her own ambitions and aspirations put on hold; Could still go to college or university if she wished.  If you always wanted to make your own jewellery, or your own clothes, it is never too late to learn. Age is no barrier to fulfilling your full potential. Indeed if anything, the older, wiser and more experienced we are, actually maximises our chances of success. Because now, unlike when we were younger. We know exactly what we want out of life and  are now prepared to give 100 percent, to achieving it  The only thing that can stop you from finding out what you are capable of, is yourself. Don’t be limited by fear or lack of confidence. If you do not try, you will never know!

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