November 2, 2013

Finding Peace

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Internal Peace

Peace is one of those things that most of us try to find, yet it sometimes seems to elude us. A lot of the time, we are at fault because we don’t let peace and quiet into our lives; we check our text messages while we watch television and eat a microwave meal at the same time, for instance. How is this going to help us achieve inner peace? As our lives become busier, multi-tasking has become the in thing. We are encouraged to do more than one thing at once, to save us time, yet most of us fill this extra time with more of the same. If we carry on like this, we are heading for burnout.

What is internal peace?
Internal peace is the sort of peace that makes us feel calm and centred. It enables us to cope with the stresses and strains that everyday life throws at us. You will notice the difference in somebody who has managed to find internal peace, because their life seems to run smoothly. They always seem so happy and carefree when you see them. They radiate good health and seem comfortable in their own skin. You can have this too, if you open up your mind and heart to achieving internal peace for yourself.

How do I find Internal Peace?
Firstly, try to slow down and really think about everything you do. Instead of thinking about the past or worrying about the future, take time to think about the present moment. This is called mindfulness and is one of the first steps to finding internal peace. Let go of the past; you can’t change it. Know that you made the best choices you could make and stop regretting past decisions. Stop worrying about the future. The future happens because of choices you make right now, in the present moment. If you get into the habit of finding internal peace, you will find it easier to make the right decisions because you will be listening to your intuition more often.

Make time in your day for some quiet time. If you like to meditate, this can help you to find internal peace. When you are able to quiet your mind and stop dwelling on negative thoughts, this helps your mind and body to relax and feel calmer. If you struggle to meditate in the traditional sense, try to find somewhere you can be alone with your thoughts. Some people enjoy sitting in a park during their lunch break – this not only gets you away from any problems at work, it will recharge you ready for the afternoon. Taking a break from work, in beautiful surroundings, can help you find internal peace, which will continue for the rest of the day, making it much easier to complete any problematic tasks, as they won’t get to you as much.

Another way you can find internal peace is by listening to relaxing music or taking a scented bath. Any activity where you can be alone and really focused on the present moment, is going to help you achieve internal peace.

Benefits of Internal Peace
When you find internal peace you will be a calmer person. You will be less stressed, in general, therefore you will be much healthier. You may find that more people want to spend time with you because of the calmness you radiate. Why not share the secret of internal peace with them?

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