September 26, 2013

Finding Freedom

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If you feel that your life is stuck in a rut, or you feel trapped, you may think there is no way to turn. Perhaps you hate your job, but you do it because you’re worried about paying your bills, or losing your home. The credit crunch and recession has caused problems for many people, with some of them finding their lives changed forever.

It doesn’t have to be like this. If you watch news programmes that focus on things such as the lack of jobs, or conflicts in the Middle East, these negative things not only make you feel depressed, but they enter your subconscious where they stay and continue to affect your life. You may not even realise this, but they start to affect you on a subconscious level, so you start to believe there are no other jobs. This negative belief then keeps you tied to a job you hate.

This is just one example of what can happen when you surround yourself with negativity. If you believe there are no jobs, then this will prevent you from looking. It will stop you trying to improve your situation, by retraining, so you can find something better, for example. The more you keep watching the news or reading negative articles in the newspaper, the more depressed and trapped you will feel, over time.

For a lot of people, they remain stuck in this unfortunate situation. They feel helpless and wish they could escape. This often leads to drug or alcohol dependency, as these people try to make themselves feel better. They need a wake-up call. If you have been feeling this way and have come across this article, take it as a sign that you no longer have to live this way. You can change your life for the better and find the freedom that you deserve.

The best way to find freedom is to take a good look at your situation and write down the things you’d like to change. Set some goals that you’d like to achieve. Make sure the goals are achievable, write them in the present tense and set a timescale for achievement. For example, ‘It’s December 2013 and I’m earning £2000 per month in a job I enjoy’. When you write out your goals like this, you are stating a positive intention to the universe. If you write goals in the future tense then the universe will keep your goal somewhere in the future, so it remains just out of reach. Imagine yourself living the life of your dreams and really try to feel the emotions you’d feel if you were free to live life you want.

Finding freedom involves you taking responsibility for your own choices. If you keep blaming others for your current problems, then you are letting yourself become a victim. In addition to this, you are setting yourself up for illness. Research has shown that unresolved feelings of resentment or hate towards another person, only end up hurting yourself. It may be hard to forgive somebody who’s wronged you, but if you do this, it may be the one thing that helps you find the true freedom that you need to move on to a more fulfilling life.

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