October 21, 2013

Dreams & Health

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Dreams & Health

The body as a whole is an excellent source of dream imagery. Particularly given the number of body related metaphors in daily use. In general the head and its features are related to spiritual or intellectual matters; whereas dreams of the torso and limbs are to do with physical concerns or instincts. The heart, is the traditional centre of our emotional lives and actual source of our life force. Phrases such as ‘broken-hearted’ or ‘the heart of the matter’ may feature in dreams, but it often represents love. Either yours or  the love for someone else or the love that surrounds you.

Blood is a very powerful dream symbol. It represents the life force within everyone, literally the life blood of the human race. To dream about blood is connected to our physical and mental strength or general health. If you dream you are bleeding, you may be concerned about a loss of morale, will power and physical strength. The dream is probably only telling you what you already are aware of; But,  it is strange how we often ignore the detrimental affects that our lifestyles and relationships have upon us in waking time. But when we dream about it in such a literal way, seeing ourselves being drained of our life force, our life blood,  it can often be the wake up call we need to do something about it!

If you see other people bleeding in your dream, it may be that intuitively, you have understood that they are in trouble but have felt unable to help, or that you should not interfere. Again, seeing them in such dire straits in your dream, may be the push you need to step in, and help. To dream you are bleeding, can also represent a fear you have, that life is slipping away too fast.

The head is the centre of our intelligence and rational thought and the opposite of the heart symbolism. Dreaming of a swollen head, may be a warning about being or becoming over-confident. Not thinking things through properly or being rash and impulsive. To dream of a beheading, may be your unconscious mind warning you, that you will need to ‘keep your head’, in a tricky life situation. Either happening now, or that is coming. People sometimes hear or are called the words, ‘hard-headed’. This may refer to you going through a situation, where there is a struggle going on between your head and your heart in a emotive waking life situation.

Human beings are also made up of energy. Dreams can often show us which energy centres or chakras are out of balance. If you are being stabbed in the heart for example, it might indicate that you are losing energy from the heart chakra. You may be getting too involved in other peoples lives and empathizing too much with them, instead of seeing how they set themselves up for a great learning experience, thereby standing back and allowing things to unfold naturally.

There are 7 basic chakras and they all provide us with a key to understanding ourselves as expanded beings. The centres are located in the base of the spine, sexual organs, solar plexus, heart, throat, between the eyebrows (the third eye) and the crown of the head.  If we surpress or block energy at any of these levels, it can result in disease or inbalance in the corresponding area of the body.  Long before this becomes physically manifest, our dreams will be trying to alert us to the problem.

The Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that dreams could be used to diagnose and cure illness, and even today the British Medical Journal has quoted recent research, that dreams may reflect the presence of organic disease, even when the patient is unaware of it. There has been a lot of discussion over recent years about body consciousness. Science has proven that each cell that makes up the body is individual unit of intelligence.  Science has also proven that our individual cells are influenced, in both positive and negative ways, by the thoughts we focus our attention on the most. If you are interested in learning more about how we ‘talk’ to the cells of our body; try reading the book “The Biology of belief” by Dr Bruce Lipton.

Although individual parts of the body are important symbols in dream interpretation, because they can provide a wide range of symbolic clues for what is happening in our lives. In more literal terms, many people have dreamed of illness, before it has become evident or diagnosed. So if you have been having recurring dreams about a particular complaint, it might be worth consulting your doctor. If for no other reason then to put your mind at rest.
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