January 29, 2014

Dreams About Famous People

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Celebrities often make unlikely appearances in our dreams. Many people dream about people they admire either for their looks, such as pop stars or famous actors, or for their beliefs, such as politicians, writers and spiritual leaders. During the course of the 20th century a few famous faces acquired almost archetypal status as iconic representatives of their era. The names Elvis, Marilyn and Diana for example, instantly conjure up individuals for who no further explanation is necessary, and dreams about them probably owe as much as to what they represent, as to the individuals themselves.

Young people in particular have their own dream idols. Pop stars and actors such as Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Rhianna. Kristien Steward, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner from the incredibly popular Twilight films. All these famous people have a powerful affect on our psyche. Embodying different qualities, that the dreamer can relate to or aspire to. That is why media is so incredibly powerful. Soap opera stars can also be regular visitors to our dream-scape. As this type of genre often plays out many real life scenario’s and problems that we can relate to in our own lives. Other notable figures from history have come to embody particular virtues and vices. Adolf Hitler for example is seen as the epitome of evil, while Winston Churchill was regarded as the archetypal ‘bulldog Brit’. A fine example of British stubborness, defiant in the face of overwhelming odds.

Dreams about famous people may simply reflect the dreamers desire for a bit of glamour and excitement, or denote an ambition to follow in the footsteps of their heroes. The dreamer may crave recognition for their achievements, or feel undervalued in some way in waking life. The appearance of famous people may simply underline the dreamer’s feelings of inferiority in the company of such stellar individuals; although if the dream celebrity indulges in unexpectedly normal or even bad behaviour the dream is clearly pointing out that they are no better then the dreamer.

When you dream about a famous person. Ask yourself what it is about them that you like, or dislike? What qualities or personality characteristics stand out for you? If they play a particular type of part or character, is there something about this type of personality that speaks to you. Does it mirror something that is happening in your own life right now? Does your famous dream person, embody strengths and abilities that you wish you had, or that you would like to emulate? Or at the opposite end of the scale. Do they exhibit weak and unpleasant traits that you are reluctant to admit mirrors similar issues you yourself and struggling with? Can you see where I am going with this? Dreams about famous people are so much more then just an extension of our fantasy world, in which you get to interact with your dream crush, hero or idol. It is the unconscious mind using whatever material it has to hand to bring something important to your attention. So next time you dream about a famous person. Look closer, to see what your dream is really trying to tell you.

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  1. I wonder if this is age correlated? I used to dream about famous people so much when I was a teen and early 20′s. Now that I am in my 30′s, I have not had a dream about a famous person in a long time. This makes me wonder if perhaps as teens, or young adults, we are still trying to determine who we are, our find ourselves but once we get older, most of us have reached that point and feel confident about our own personalities or life perhaps and so do not need to compare to a celebrity or want to reach their status? Just another way to look at things..

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