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airplane crash

I dreamed that a plane flew over my house EXTREMELY low and almost crashed on top of my house but was able to keep going a little bit. It crashed right over a hill and all I could see was the smoke and debris from the crash. So then before I knew it all of these people started running over the hill towards my house and I had to run into the house and lock the door because everyone wanted to come into the house. No other house was standing but the house I lived in.

Dream Interpretation

In your dream you see a Airplane flying low over your house. In dream symbology, a flying aircraft, indicates spiritual awakening, soaring to new heights. The house, symbolises YOU the dreamer. It’s size, the rooms within all represent different aspects of you. Your beliefs, traits, personality, how you perceive the world, and how you believe the world, perceives you.

The fact that the airplane is flying close to your house indicates that at this time you may have been thinking more about your spiritual path. In other words its been on your mind a lot. You say it nearly hits the top of your house but manages to fly over. This may indicate some kind of conflict in your mind. For instance, do I follow the more traditional path, going back to the old ways. Or do I branch out a little more. But you are unsure, I feel a conflict here. Maybe you feel that it is disloyal or are worried it isn’t right. It may be that you feel there are contradictions between the way you’ve been brought up to worship and a new way of embracing your spirituality and it makes you feel uncomfortable. I don’t know, only you can answer these questions.

The airplane, barely makes it over the hill. A hill in dream symbology represents an opportunity for spiritual growth. But it then crashes. The airplane is YOUR spiritual energy. If it crashes, this indicates a scattered energy, a lack of awareness or a abrupt halt in whatever direction you had been heading. The airplane is also about your creative energy. Has something happened to you, or are you experiencing some emotional turmoil, that has put any new idea’s on hold?

The people from the crashed airplane, all came running towards you, towards your house. People in dreams on one level all represent different aspects of the dreamer. You run and hide from them. Do you sometimes think there is too many things going on in your head at one time. Do the different aspects of you contradict themselves. Causing you stress or confusion. Is there a part of you, that you are hiding from? In life, do you sometimes feel, that people expect too much from you or make too many demands on your time? Can you see where I’m going with this. Whatever is going on in your life at the moment, I feel you are feeling stressed and want some time out for yourself.

The dream you had before this, where you were flying the airplane yourself, is a very positive one. You in control, you taking the lead in your life and making positive decisions about your creative and spiritual life. Though you were nervous. It’s interesting that the other dream followed was not so positive. Did something happen, or was something said to you in the interim that caused you to feel unsure of yourself and anxious?

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