Dream Examples

baby on horse dream

A beautiful, chestnut coloured horse running towards me. It’s eyes are looking directly into mine and are beautiful and smiling. I feel as though I recognize its face and its mouth also looks like its smiling. On the horses back – a beautiful chubby baby. Some type of clothes on but I felt that this baby is a boy and he is wearing a light shirt or something – arms were bare. As the horse runs towards me, the baby is leaning more towards the horses left (my right) and the baby looks down and forward into the horses face. The baby is smiling as he does this. Behind them, blue skies and bright green grass.

Dream Interpretation

When we dream about animals, it is connected to our intuitive part of the self that is connected to nature and survival. They are associated to the second and third chakras. It is also about the specific characteristics of the animal and what they represent to you. In your dream, it is the horse.

The horse in dream symbolism represents, freedom, power; sexual energy. The horse is also about movement, and it is connected to your own personal energy. So a very powerful symbol. Horses are also very intelligent and there is a very special bond between horse and rider. The colour of the horse, is chestnut. Which I believe is a mix of browns and reds.

These colours are also connected to the first and second chakra. Let us look at what they mean symbolically. Brown is grounding, and Red is energy. This to me is saying that at this point in time, you are in a very strong position, physically, emotionally and spiritually. You have a lot of personal energy available to you.

As the horse is connected to movement, power and energy going forward, it would indicate to me that any projects, you are currently doing, or contemplating are very favourably highlighted. This is confirmed to me by the presence of the baby sat up high upon the horse.

Babies in dreams symbolise new birth within the self. New aspects coming into being. So be aware of any developments intuitively, or are you noticing a strengthening or new aspect to a intuitive gift you already have. Babies are about openness, untapped potential for growth. In life, are you currently contemplating learning a new skill, or expanding on, adding too the skills you already have? If you are the signs for this being very successful are there.

In your dream the sky is blue; blue is the colour of spirituality, communication and healing. Seeing the sky, is saying, the only way is up. There are no limitations on what you can do. Move towards your highest goal. There are no limitations on you at this time, there is a lot of expansion and room for growth.

Green grass; green represents, healing and growth. Grass represents, growth, nurturing, grounding and protection. Both incredibly, positive symbols Rose, and I feel sure that what the dream is showing you, is already making itself manifest in your waking life.

The dream is showing that you are growing and changing. You are becoming freer, more liberated in your attitude to life. You are eager to explore and enhance your abilities on all levels. Energetically, this is a excellent time for you. So my advice to you is, embrace the new you that is being born and emerging. Allow it to carry you forward, and fulfill your full potential.

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