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Stomach Problem

I am a college softball player and fell asleep while watching softball on television. I had a dream that in the middle of the game I went to the restroom and for some reason looked down at my belly button and saw that something was crowning out of my belly button. I squeezed it out and it was a softball sized clear marble. When I did that, liquid would begin oozing out of me and then stop. Then another pimple-like thing would form and I would squeeze it and more stuff would flood out. It was painful, and I began crying for my mom to help me, who then proceeded to say “You’re going to be okay”. I was worried about my coach finding out, as well. I woke up sick to my stomach as I remember the feeling and how it looked so vividly. What could this possibly mean?

Dream Interpretation

What an interesting dream. Dreams are multifaceted and made up of a multitude of things. From sights and sounds around us when we are sleeping bleeding into our dream-scape, memories of conversations and experiences, our interactions of the day to spiritual guidance and problem solving.

So let us look at your dream. You were watching a football game when you feel asleep, so this could account for the theme, but still I believe we dream of things for a reason. Symbolically playing a game or watching a game in your dream is about the ‘game of life’, or games you are playing in life at this moment. So this is about your interactions with others.

Though we may believe that what happens to us in life we have no control over, that is not true. We set the rules for the games we play. Be they because of our belief systems, opinions about things or through the choices we make, good and bad. So in life what situation do you currently find yourself in. Are you playing for success, are you playing fair or are you being manipulated by the other players in the game, i.e. those around you. Are you naturally competitive or are you being pressurised by others? Can you see where I am going with this.

In your dream you notice a discharge of substance from your belly button. Energetically, the navel chakra is connected to empowerment, energy and increased willpower. This energy wheel in the body, also known as the Manipura Chakra. It is related to our core centre and acts as the storehouse of energy for our vital organs.

Located just above the stomach, in the solar plexus, this chakra is energetically related to our self-value in relationships with others and the world around us. It stokes the fire that moves prana (life force) through in the body. It also allows us to live with the instincts of personal empowerment and positive self-esteem that compliments developing a healthy ego. Discharge from this area in your dream might indicate a leaking away of this energy. Now this might be through not paying attention to your all round health. Or it can be that it is being drained away through your contact or interaction with others. People who have a negative affect on your self belief, self confidence.

In life try to be more assertive about what feels right to you and do not sacrifice your own sense of integrity to be one of the crowd. You are so much more then that, and what you really want in life is to attract more people into it, that resonate on the same level as you. If people bring you down, mix with those who rise you up. Or by standing true to yourself, try to help those you can influence, rise up to your level.

In your dream you cry for your mum. Crying indicates sadness, a sense of loss. Symbolically, this can have meaning on more then one level. The mother figure in your dream is your older, wiser, feminine energy. It can also mean that you have a familial need, to connect more with your family, especially your mum. Our family is our root foundation in life. They empower us through their unconditional love and the feelings of security and safety they arouse in us. If you have been feeling particularly stressed or worried about anything in your life at the moment. Talking things through with you mum can help, perhaps giving you a higher perspective or more clarity on a situation in your life that you are too close too, to see clearly at the moment.

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