Dream Dictionary C



Cabbage – To dream of a cabbage, symbolises, health and growth. Cabbages are rich in iron. Seeing cabbages in your dream may indicate that you are lacking in iron.

Cabin - To dream of a cabin, symbolises the need to get away from it all for rest rejuvenation and relaxation.

Caduceus - To dream of the Caduceus, symbolises duality and the unification of polar opposites. The double snakes of the caduceus symbolises the balance of the male and female energies. The yin and yang; the undulating dance of cosmic forces. Also represents the healing arts.

Cafe - To dream of a cafe, symbolises a place of sustenance and nurturing. Communication of fellowship of needs. If eating a particular food, you may need the vitamins and mineral content of it.

Cage - To dream you see a cage, symbolises a self created prison; fear of being trapped by your own limitations. Fear of self expression. Cage door is never locked; you are free to leave through the doorway to freedom, your own awareness.

Cake - To dream of cake, symbolises celebration and nurturing. Luxurious treat, a special gift.

Calculator - To dream of a calculator, symbolises self-evaluation; adding things up. Depending on context, may indicate a harsh judgmental self; a need for balancing energy flow. Also figuring out a situation.

Calf - To dream of a calf, symbolises youthfulness, gaiety, playfulness. Killing the fatted calf indicates abundance, celebration. The calf of your leg represents strength, flexibility, movement.

Camels - To dream of a camel, symbolises endurance; inner resources to draw upon when making life’s journey. Perseverance in the face of difficulties to be resolved.

Cameras - To dream of a camera symbolises, perception of experiences; record of life to draw upon for learning. Learn to see the positive lesson for growth in every life picture or experience, and your photo album will be filled with the essence of joy and love.

Camper - To dream of a camper, symbolises the need to connect to nature, to reestablish contact with the earth. Develop a sense of grounding; to commune with self and life in an uncluttered, basic way. To harmonise with nature, tap into a deeper stronger energy source.

Campfire - To dream of a campfire, symbolises the energy of your passion, enthusiasm for nature. firelight is illuminating, and it purifies.

Canary - To dream of a canary, symbolises hope, upliftment and happiness. The canary sings, a way of rising vibration. Let the song of your life, and the wings of the canary symbolise your passage through life will be joyous.

Cancer - To dream of cancer, symbolises anger, frustration and disappointment; fear eating away inside you. Lack of self-love, inability to look at inner disharmony or refusal to do so. Suppression of any kind is a dangerous to physical, mental and emotional health; verbalize, get things up and out, be honest with yourself.

Candles - To dream of candles, symbolises the light within. Each soul has a light, and ability to see with clarity, depends upon the strength of the inner light. The true nature of your being is light. Awareness determines brightness.

Candy - To dream of candy, symbolises a treat, or can mean you need extra energy. Spoiling yourself through over-indulgence instead of following a balanced plan for living.

Candle - To dream of a single candle, symbolises the light within. Light is being shone on a issue in your life. Awareness and illumination.

Cane - To dream of a cane, symbolises support, helpful influence. You may need assistance in some project or plan. A helpmate.

Cannons - To dream of cannons, symbolise the need to do something big to sort out a problem. There is a need to be forceful to blow your opposition away.

Canoe - To dream of a canoe, symbolises maintaining emotional balance. Cutting through to the emotional issue of a problem. Dexterity, fluidity is the key to resolving these difficulties.

Canyon - To dream of a canyon symbolises, approaching unknown territory; the unconscious. Specific but limited lessons to be learned before venturing back into the open; narrow pathway.

Cap And Gown - To dream of a cap and gown, symbolises protection. Halls of higher learning. Advancing through the lessons of life; ascending in stature and recognition.

Capsized – To dream you have capsized, symbolises trying to avoid situations you find uncomfortable; getting dumped emotionally. Fear of unconscious, emotional self; feelings of guilt, impotency. Get back in your boat and steer through the rough water.

Cars - To dream of a car, symbolises the personal energy available to you as you move through life. The colour, size and the speed in which it travels, all tells you something yourself. Operating a car reflects how influential you or some aspect of your personality is as you progress through a situation. Who or what is in control of a decision or the way your life is going.

Caring - To dream of caring for someone or something, symbolises the caring, nurturing, protective aspect to your nature. Alternatively, it may indicate a real need in you to be cared for.

Carousel - To dream of a carousel, symbolises childhood memories, of fun and laughter. Carefree and innocent. can indicate that this is something missing in your life at the moment. Try to connect more with your inner child. Alternatively, it can indicate being stuck in a repetitive situation, one in which you cannot stop. Feeling giddy and disorientated.

Carpenter – To dream of a carpenter symbolises, building your life. Repairs, maintenance, additions, subtractions; see what you are doing and what is needed.

Carrots - To dream of a carrot, symbolises a temptation may be dangled before you. Be wary of offers that seem too good to be true. Alternatively carrots are rich in vitamin C, it may be that this is something that in you is depleted. Consider eating more carrots.

Cash - To dream of cash symbolises cash flow. A lack of, or an abundance of depending on your circumstances. If you are currently experiencing financial difficulties, expect things to improve.Personal security. Good fortune.

Cash Register – To dream of a cash registers symbolizes counting the cost of your life choices. Consider cutting back on your expenditure. Spend wisely.

Casino – To dream of a casino symbolises, risk taking. Gambling on your future. Temptation to live beyond your means. Alternatively it may suggest that you have been playing things a little too safe and need to experiment a little.

Castle - To dream of a castle symbolises reaching for your dreams. You can create all your dreams and bring them into reality.  Alternatively be wary of building castles in the sky, keep your feet on the ground.

Catapult - To dream of a catapult symbolises swift and immediate action. Alternatively can indicate that changes in your life, can catapult you forward on life’s highway, at a much faster rate then you can imagine.

Catastrophe - To dream of a catastrophe, symbolises great upheaval around you. Take heart though, often our world has to be dramatically changed, to make room for things to be rebuilt in a better way. Be watchful and cautious in daily life. Watch your health and be safety conscious.

Cats - To see a cat in your dream symbolizes the female part of self. The psychic, intuitive world. Alternatively, the dream message may be a call to you to embody more the qualities of the cat, in its vision, grace and dexterity.

Cave – To dream of a cave symbolises the unconscious mind; unexplored parts of self. Great treasures lie within as you continue the adventure of self-discovery.

Ceiling - To dream of a ceiling, symbolises limits or protection. Eventually you outgrow protective coverings; understanding relationship between need for protection and the need for expansion, is important for continued well-being.

Celery - To dream of celery synbolises, fresh crisp attitudes to life. Getting your teeth into something. Being willing to embrace new and novel opportunities.

Celibacy - To dream that you are celibate symbolises a fear of intimacy. Misguided spiritual thinking that enlightenment means you cannot experience sexual energy. Blocking off the lower chakras or energy centres; energies within must be integrated, merged into a higher awareness. Retreating within to self, to know the self. Awakening spiritual identity.

Cell Phones - To dream of a cellphones symbolises, communication. Connecting to the higher self. Working on communicating more in personal and intimate relationships. Expressing your inner thoughts and needs.

Chains - To dream of chains symbolises, strength; many links or parts working together. A link by itself means isolation, weakness; or the key, as in the missing link. Restriction, or limit, as you become chained to habits and ideas, which hold you back from further growth and achievements.

Chairs - To dream of a chair symbolises, your attitudes, position in life; how you see yourself, your identity. Alternatively, it represents comfort and centering, especially if a rocking chair; the rocking motion builds and centres energy.

Chakras - To dream of chakras symbolises, the seven major energy centres in the etheric body; energy transformer. Make a note of which chakra you dream of, it can denote there is a opening or blocking in that particular centre. The chakras are the root, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow ( third eye) and crown.

Chalk - To dream of a chalk symbolises, a means of self expression. If the chalk is white, it represents truth and purity.

Chameleon - To dream of a chameleon symbolises, adaptability; flexibility. Fickleness; constantly swapping roles.

Chanting - To dream of chanting symbolises, self motivation. Reinforcing of positive mindset. Chanting can also be used to attain a meditative state; altered state of consciousness.

Chased - To dream that you are being chased symbolises, running away from or avoiding looking at a problem. If you feel as if your legs are not moving properly or fast enough it is saying you will soon have to confront whatever is troubling you. Try to turn around and confront whatever aspects of self is chasing you and make peace with it.

Cheerleader - To dream of a cheerleader symbolises, a happy positive nature who encourages and supports other people. Someone who motivates and is a natural leader.

Cheese - To dream of cheese symbolises the ability to take one thing and transform it into something else. To dream of cheese may suggest the nutritional need to have more of it in their diet, or that you have an allergy to it. Alternatively, can be seen as being a bit cheesy yourself or around somone who is. A yarn spinner, a exaggerator, someone who can be a bit glib or false.

Cheetahs - To dream of a cheetah symbolises, speed and agility. Being able to outpace the opposition. Alternatively may be a play on words as in ‘a cheater’. Are you or someone around you achieving what you want through unfair means.

Chef - To dream of a chef symbolises putting together the many ingredients of your life; observe what you are doing and how you are proceeding. If something is burning you are putting yourself under too much pressure. Are you cooking up something. Also demonstrates flair and a fine eye for detail.

Cherry - To dream of cherries symbolises luxury and self gratification. Reaching the pinnacle of success. As in the saying ‘putting the cherry on the cake’ projects are coming to a successful conclusion.

Cherry Blossom Trees - To dream of cherry blossom symbolises, reproduction and new life. According to buddhist traditions, the breathtaking but brief blooming of the cherry blossom symbolises the transient nature of life and change. In its cycle, can be seen birth, growth and death. The continual cycle of life.

Chess - To dream of playing chess symbolises the game of life; the intricacies of competition, defeat and victory. There are easier ways to proceed.

Chest - To dream of a chest symbolises a place of stored or hidden treasure. Ideas, attitudes or belief systems that are not yet out in the open. If body; represents the heart chakra. God or love centre within.

Chewing - To dream of chewing symbolises, breaking down, assimilating knowledge or information; thinking something over, sorting out, sifting through. Chewing nails or something too tough to swallow, indicates a problem you are unwilling to handle, or it is not yours in the first place; also lack of verbalization.

Chickens - To dream of a chicken symbolises being fearful and flighty. Lack of self assurance and cowardly, not working through problems. Alternatively may symbolise being hen-pecked, or giving your power away.

Children - To see children in your dream symbolises, aspects of yourself, such as vulnerability, innocence, openness, flexibility and playfulness. Your own children mirror your attitudes and beliefs. Often suggests you have forgotten the child part of self.

Chimpanzee - To see a chimpanzee in your dream, symbolises, mischievous, childish behaviour. Lacking in self control or awareness of own strength. May indicate a group of people that you interact with that exhibit these kinds of traits.

Chocolate - Giving yourself a treat for a job well done. A need for nurturing. Something sweet and pleasurable.

Choir - Being in harmony with others. Uplifting experiences. Bring aspects of yourself into harmony.

Christmas - Celebration, awakening of love and power in your life. A reflection of past ties with family. Use the strength of these associations to help you in your daily life.

Circle - Wholeness, completeness; no beginning and no end. Infinity. The circle may indicate that you have completed a cycle or project in your life. If presented as a merry-go-round, can indicate that you are going around in circles with an issue and nothing is being resolved.

City - Intense networking of with people or parts of yourself. Shows a need to co-operate and communicate with others. A need for community, working with others and reaching out to other people. Can show intense amounts of energy being expended and a need to take time out and relax with others.

Class – Learning a new lesson. Taking a particular new course in life. Learning experiences.

Cliff - You are at a point in your life which calls for radical change. Falling off a cliff may mean you are being pushed or forced into a situation you are not ready for or is not right for you.

Climb - If climbing upward you are going the wrong way. If you are climbing downwards, you are going in the wrong direction.

Clock - Time is of the essence in your life. Don’t hesitate, get started. Make a note of the numbers on the clock, and look at numerology meanings, for further insight.

Clothes - The roles or games you play. Your attitudes and beliefs to life. A costume may suggest a past life experience. Which might indicate issues you are dealing with now, are the same ones you were confronted with then.

Clown – The ability to laugh at yourself. To the humour in all situations. Enjoy life, dare to be yourself.

Coffin – The ending of a situation or experience. A closing off a part of yourself. Being boxed in, no growth. The coffin symbol is a sign to the self that it is time to get out of self imposed restrictions and move on with your life.

Colour - Each colour represents different vibrations, properties and different levels of awareness.

Red – Energy, Pink – Love, Orange – Energy & Peace, Yellow – Peace, Green – Healing & Growth, Blue – Spirituality, Turquoise – Healing & Spirituality, Indigo – Spirituality & Divine Protection, Violet, Purple & Lavender – Wisdom, Knowledge & Divine Protection, Grey – Fear, Black – Unknown, Unconscious, White – Truth & Purity, Brown – Grounding, Gold – Christ light, Divine Consciousness, Silver – Spiritual Protection & Truth.

Comet - Powerful unleashing of energy that causes growth. Heralding self-growth and tremendous creative potential, great success.

Compass - To dream of a compass is telling you to stop and take stock, to get your direction in life. Especially if you are feeling lost in waking life. Notice what direction you are heading in.