Dream Dictionary B



Baboon - To dream of a baboon, symbolises aggressive domineering behaviour. Someone around you may be behaving like this, or you yourself are. Look at areas of your life where this might apply.

Baby – To see a baby in your dream symbolises the birth of new ideas and creative inspiration. Just as a baby needs care and nurturing, give any new enterprises you are considering the same attention. To see a baby in your dream can also represent your inner child.

Babysitter - To dream of a babysitter, symbolises not being in control of your own ideas or new projects. Not feeling you are trusted to take charge yourself. Being treated like a child. Alternatively, it may denote a need for assistance and help with new growth and the need to nurture your inner child.

Back - To dream of your back or someone elses back, symbolises the kundalini power of life force. Whether the back is straight, bend, weak or strong shows how you are channeling the spiritual power in your everyday life. Strength of character or attitude in a particular situation. Alternatively, something behind you in life; a part of the self that you have turned your back on.

Back Alley - To dream of a back alley, symbolises furtive behaviour. Doing something that is out of sight of other people.  Alternatively, it may indicate going backwards on a project or situation.

Backdoor - To dream you see a back door, or go out of the back door, symbolises facing a situation that you have been avoiding. It may indicate the need for privacy, to work through any issues that have been troubling you. Alternatively to enter the house through the back door, shows that you have faced up to whatever has been troubling you.

Backpack - To dream of a back pack or that you are carrying a backpack symbolises, the tools you carry around with you, as you walk through life. Independence and the lack of necessity to rely on other people to help you.

Backstroke - To dream you are doing the backstroke, symbolises a intuiative confidence in dealing with the emotional issues in your life. You are confident in whatever direction you move in life.  Alternatively, it may indicate that you are going backwards, when you need to be moving forwards. Particularly in your personal relationships.

Backwards - To dream you are moving backwards in life symbolises a reversal of direction. This might indicate a situation in life that has been progressing well has suddenly changed and you are losing ground. Backing up can be the sensible thing to do if you need time to re think your future plans.

Backyard - To dream of the backyard, symbolises something from the past or that which you thought was behind you, has not been dealt with and needs resolving. This may indicate a trauma from your childhood, or an emotional issue that you have not been facing. Alternatively it may represent something you are being secretive, or feel the need to protect from prying eyes.

Bacon - To dream of bacon, symbolises the need to provide for yourself and your family. As in the pun, ‘bringing home the bacon’.  This also shows a need for financial security.

Bad - To dream you are bad, or someone around you is bad, symbolises your awareness that something in your life is not right. You feel guilt or remorse about what you are doing, and it goes against your inner moral code. Look at the people you interact with. If they are having a negative influence on you, consider distancing yourself from them.

Badge - To dream you are given or are wearing a badge, symbolises accomplishment, recognition and honour for the progress you have made through life. Self-identity, status, how you see yourself.

Badminton - To dream you are playing badminton, symbolises the games we play in life. Shows, strength and dexterity. Can indicate that you are constantly having to deflect problems and feel the pressure to compete in life.

Bail - To dream you have been given bail, or are on bail, symbolises second chances. The opportunity to make amends. Alternatively, you may feel that your freedom has been curtailed and are under scrutiny. Fear of making a mistake.

Bait - To dream of bait represents a wish to lure or entice someone into thinking along similar lines as you are. Negatively, you may reflect your attempts to trick or fool someone.

Bakery - To dream of a bakery, symbolises the process of creativity and nourishment. May indicate a growing need to produce or make something of yourself and for others. Putting together the ingredients of your life. Alchemist, creative self.

Baking - To dream you are baking, you are putting together the ingredients of your life. You are creating something nourishing and fulfilling for mind, body and spirit. Bringing together plans for the future.

Balcony - To dream you are on a balcony, symbolises your detachment from a situation. Or that you are looking at life from a overview. An observer, rather then a participator. You may have distanced yourself from a situation.

Ball - To dream of a ball, symbolises, wholeness, completeness, integreation of conscious and unconscious, mind body and spirit. If playing with a ball,  it denotes a need for play and opening childlike awareness. If you throw the ball to someone, it is now the others move; if you are catching or receiving the ball, it is time for action. ‘The ball is in your court’.

Ballet - To dream you are watching a ballet, or are in the ballet, symbolises, grace, balance and the striving for perfection.

Balloons - To dream you see balloons, symbolises an uplifting of spirit, lighthearted and unrestricted. A popped balloon is the bursting of an illusion or fantasy, which gives momentary concern but lasting understanding. Riding in and controlling a balloon, means soaring to new heights.

Ballroom Dancing – To dream you are ballroom dancing, symbolises, co-operation, harmony and balance. Inspiring, uplifting. Life is a dance, your partner may mirror an aspect of you. Male and female energies in harmony.

Bamboo - To dream of bamboo, symbolises longevity, luck, health, wealth, peace and harmony  in the home.

Band-Aid - To see a band-aid in your dream, symbolises trying to cover up poisons coming from within. Don’t cover them up. Let the poisons come out so that you can be healed. A band-aid only provides a temporary solution.

Bandages - To dream of bandages, symbolises the need for protection and the space to heal from emotional wound.

Banishment - To dream you have been banished symbolises a raw feeling of being ostracized, left out, excluded. Feelings of loneliness,  abandonment and despair. You may feel you have been unfairly treated and rejected, either in your personal life or in your working environment.

Bank - Cosmic exchange, energy vault, unlimited resource. Collective unconscious, reservoir of all knowledge and ideas you may draw upon at any time. You make investments in yourself. Deposits of talents and insight that will always be there.

Bankruptcy - To dream you are bankrupt, symbolises a loss of personal energy. Complete depletion of resources. There is a need to rejuvenate  and replenish. There is a need  to take stock and gather scattered energies.

Banquet -To see a banquet or attend one in your dream symbolises a time of celebration and plenty. A need to spend time with others, nourishing the mind and body. Denotes a wealth of idea’s and inspiration are available to you.

Baptism - To dream of a baptism represents psychological or emotional renewal. You may be giving up old beliefs or habits for a new way of thinking.A baptism may be a sign that you are changing your attitude, or taking a new approach. It may also reflect new influences, making amends with your past, or a new lease on life.

Barbarian - To dream of a barbarian symbolises the wild, aggressive aspect of the dreamers personality. Or it may represent a person in your environment who exhibits these characteristics. Someone who doesn’t show restraint and barges in to a situation without thought or consequence. Who rides rough shod over the feelings of others.

Barbecue - To dream you are throwing a barbecue or attending one, symbolises the need to socialise with others. To share ideas and network. A liberal and open minded attitude to life. Enjoys the natural world.

Barbed Wire - To dream of barbed wire, symbolises great obstacles to be overcome. A prickly or painful situation to be faced.

Barber - To dream of a barber, symbolises the aspect of self concerned with self image, power and strength. To see your hair being cut, indicates a loss of strength and virility.

Barefoot - To dream of being barefoot, symbolises a lack of protection in life and that you are vulnerable. Children often like to run barefoot. It may be showing the need to be more carefree in life and connect more with the inner child. Alternatively shoes represent the roles we play in life, being barefoot may indicate a loss of identity or that someone feels unsure of the role they play in their life at the moment. What is their place in the world.

Barn - To dream of a barn, symbolises the need for protection and nurturing.

Barrier - To see a barrier in your dream, symbolises a problem needs to be worked on a dilemma to be resolved, before you can proceed. Self imposed barrier to growth. See what it is and find the creative solution within.

Baseball Bat - To see a baseball bat in your dream, symbolises the act of lashing out at something or someone. Showing aggression or the need to protect oneself. Taking the initiative and going on the attack. Connect with aspect of the self that feels the need to do this and try to resolve any problems in a less confrontational way.

Basement - To dream you are in a basement, symbolises sexual energy.  You are trying to understand your sexual awareness and expression. People and experiences reflect your use of sexual energy, degree of openness or suppression.

Basket - To dream of a basket or that you are holding a basket, symbolises programs, ideas and beliefs you are holding onto. If there are items in your basket, these are the tools and gifts that you use to equip yourself for life or represent the different aspects of the self.

Bath - To dream of a bath, or that you are taking a bath, symbolises purification and cleansing; also, time for relaxation and a little self indulgence.

Bathing Suit - To dream that you are wearing a bathing suit, symbolises how you wish to be perceived by others, in terms of your emotional relationships. The skimpiness of a bathing suit, denotes a lack of self consciousness and a open direct nature.

Bathrobe - To dream of a bathrobe or that you are wearing one, symbolises a willingness to be vulnerable and exposed for the purpose of emotional healing. The lack of clothes denotes a person who what you see is what you get. Content to be themselves.

Bathrooms - To dream of the bathroom, symbolises the need and desire for cleansing and purification. A place to wash away any negativity, attachments or ideas and beliefs that are no longer needed.

Bats - T dream of bats, symbolises great vision and communication. The ability to connect with the unconscious mind, to penetrate the dark veil of confusion. If you are experiencing a situation where you feel ‘in the dark’, bat symbology is showing you that on some level you are aware. Trust your instincts.

Battery - To dream of a battery, symbolises the life force or energy; Regularly recharging through meditation keeps your energy high. Make time to relax and replenish your energies.

Batting - To dream you are batting, symbolises the need to deflect problems or dilemmas that are coming your way. It may indicate that a problem has been thrown at you, a course of action to consider is to bat it back to where it has come from. It’s not your problem its theirs.

Battles - To see a battle or to be battling yourself, symbolises conflict within or being at war with yourself. To be healthy all aspects of the self must work in harmony; intellect, intuition, male-female, body, mind and spirit. Need for balance and integration.

Beach - To dream of the beach, symbolises the borderline or bridge between conscious and unconscious; standing on a beach enables you to pull tremendous energy from the ocean, using the power of the unconscious to centre you and actualise life goals. Sand is healing, grounding energy. If stranded on a deserted shore, you have cut yourself offf from your wealth of unconscious resources.

Beads - To dream of beads, symbolises a need for inner focusing.

Beard - To dream of a beard, symbolises strength wisdom and masculinity.

Bears - To see a bear in your dream, symbolises strength, power; inconsistent emotional energy, not to be trusted: can be violent and cuddly, charming or crabby.

Beast - To see a beast in your dream, symbolises, the shadow, violent, animalistic, aspect of the self. There is a need to confront this aspect of the self and assert more control.

Beautiful - To dream of something beautiful, reflects your appreciation for the beauty in life. Seeing the beauty in all things. Alternatively, if life does not feel beautiful to you, this is a message from your higher self, to reconnect with the beauty around you and to be aware of the inner beauty of the self.

Beer - To dream of beer or that you are drinking beer, symbolises the need to numb feelings. It can also suggest the need for relaxation and raising the energy within to maintain balance. Drinking can also represent the desire to use alcohol as a means of escaping from the reality of life.

Bees - To dream of bees, symbolises a wonderful integrative force; kinship with nature; maker of sweetness in life. Alternatively can symbolise stinging thoughts and remarks, gossip; confusion of activity and letting things bug you.

Beggar - To dream you are a begger, symbolises a fear of losing material possessions. to be alone and vulnerable. Fear of being homeless. Having to beg for what you want or need in life rather then it being given.

Begging - To dream you are begging, symbolises a fear of having nothing; being at the mercy of others. Complete loss of self esteem. Feeling invisible, unwanted.

Bed – To dream of a bed symbolises a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious; a return to the universal womb or power source. Beds play an important role in our lives: rest, relaxation, rejuvenation, nurturing, sexual intimacy. Desire for safety, awareness of divine protection. You make your own bed or life experiences.

Bedroom - To dream of a bedroom, symbolises rest, dreams, relaxation, unconscious and sexual feelings. Relationships and the need for privacy.

Bible - To dream of the bible, symbolises spiritual study; human-kinds search for enlightenment. A document that represents spiritual truth, but must be interpreted symbolically or to what fits the beliefs and thoughts of the dreamer.

Bicycle - To dream of a bicycle, symbolises the need for balance in your life. Balance energies before moving ahead under full steam. The bicycle also represents your mental energy.

Birds - To dream of a bird or birds, symbolises spiritual freedom; ability to soar to higher awareness. Freedom from material ties. You are able to rise above problems and view life from a higher perspective. If the bird is in a cage, would denote a lack of freedom in your life and a longing to break free.

Black - To dream of the color, symbolises the unconscious, unknown parts of self. Sometimes those parts of self we have rejected through fear. Black can sometimes denote lack of self love and depression.

Blood - To dream of blood, symbolises, life force or energy. If you are bleeding you are losing energy; someone may be taking your energy, or you are draining yourself through worry; fear or lack of balance. See what area of the body is bleeding.

Boat - To dream of a boat represents your ability to cope with negative emotions or deal with negative situations. How you are navigating negativity in your life. Your method of confronting problems.

Books - To dream of books, symbolises your book of life, or what your purpose in this lifetime. Knowledge of life plan. Pay attention, as important life lessons are coming up. Education and periods of higher learning, both in life and in the spiritual realm.

Bridge - To dream of a bridge, symbolises a transition, leaving the old and entering the new. A new opportunity for growth; threshold of a new direction in life. It may represent bridging levels of consciousness, the creative-intuitive with the intellectual.