Dream Dictionary A



Abandonment - To dream you are abandoned symbolises the need to leave behind characteristics or attitudes no longer needed for self-growth. Or feelings of loss, bewilderment because of giving away self-power to others. There is a need to work on loving, accepting yourself and taking responsibility for life direction.

Abbey - To see or visit a abbey in your dreams symbolises the need for peace and contemplation. Connect with the sanctuary within. Alternatively it may indicate you have been going through a difficult time and need the space to re-connect with inner stillness.

Abdomen - To dream of the abdomen symbolises feelings of well-being and health. Balanced emotions and the centering of power or the life force; The abdomen also represents the solar plexus or third chakra. May also suggest how well you are able to digest life experiences, taking what is valuable, the positive lessons for growth and discarding the rest.

Abduction -  To dream you are being abducted or to see an abduction, symbolises a stealing from part of yourself. If a child is taken, you are trying to take away your childlike nature. Examine how you may be sabotaging your wholeness.

Abnormal -  To dream that you are abnormal, or feel abnormal, symbolises a unhappiness with the self. Or you feel different to others in some way. This might be through the inability to interact with those around you. Consider the suitability of those you mix with. Work on feelings of self love.

Aborigine -  To dream of an aborigine or the aboriginal culture, symbolises the primitive, basic or instinctive nature, unconscious or intuitional side of self. A part of the self that is foreign to you, not known or understood, that is coming into awareness. 

Abortion - To dream of or that you are having an abortion, symbolises blocking a new birth or life direction within the self. May be positive or negative ideas, projects, opportunities or relationships; so examine carefully what is being cut off from your experience.

Above - To dream of something above you, symbolises the need for you to lift your sights, embrace a new goal, draw upon third eye energy to tap higher creative self. If something dark or negative is hovering above you, you are weighing yourself down with unexamined fears or those you have blown out of proportion.

Abroad - To dream you are abroad, or want to go abroad, symbolises the need to get away from your problems. To travel and broaden your horizons. The desire for something new and different in your life.

Absent - To dream you are absent, symbolises a feeling of detachment from your life. A lack of involvement or interest in what is happening around you. It can indicate anxiety or depression.

Abstinence - To dream you are being abstinent, symbolises a depriving of life’s pleasures. Or the need to cut out of your life something that is not healthy or good for you.  Alternatively, abstinence may suggest a need to focus on the inner world rather then the outer.

Abundance - To dream of abundance, symbolises good fortune and blessings of many kinds are coming to you. To dream of abundance, can also be a reminder to you, to appreciate what you do have in your life, rather then what you lack.

Abuse - To dream you are being abused or are a witness to abuse, symbolises a feeling that the dreamer has in waking life that they are being treated badly. Look at the people in your life; Do you feel taken for granted by them or abused in some way. An abuse of trust. Alternatively, this may be connected to past trauma, which is being replayed.  Consider seeking help, guidance or counsel if this is the case.

Abyss - To dream of an abyss, symbolises, confronting your own emptiness; you have cleaned out the negative, but now need to put positive direction in its place. Entering the subconscious to draw upon its power. Alternatively, Facing a fear you have run away from in the past; there is no time like the present.

Accelerator - To dream that you are pushing the accelerator or that life is accelerating, symbolises the speed at which you are moving through your life. Lots of changes are happening for you. If the pace of life is worrying you or you feel things are moving too quickly; Then slow down.

Acceptance - To dream you are being accepted, symbolises a feeling of belonging and self worth.  Alternatively, if you do not feel that you are accepted, denotes lack of self esteem and self confidence. A sense of isolation.

Accident - To dream you have an accident, or see an accident, symbolises the need to pay more attention in life. Scattered energies. A tendency to carelessness; not seeing obstacles. Need to slow down and concentrate your energy.

Accuse - To dream you are accusing someone, symbolises the need to verbalise your feelings and thoughts towards others. Being judgmental. Feelings of anger and resentment, that needs to be released. Can indicate insecurity and lack of self love.

Acid – To dream of acid, symbolises thoughts which have the power to corrupt or corrode. Acid denotes bitterness, resentment, burning away within. The need to release and cleanse areas of life where negative thoughts and feelings are damaging the self. Alternatively, an acid test, determines quality or real value of lessons learned.

Acorn - To dream of an acorn, symbolises the seed of great potential within self. A reminder to nurture and develop spiritual nature so that your full power and creative expression can be realised. ‘Out of small acorns, great trees grow’.

Acrobats - To dream you are a acrobat, symbolises your versatility and balance in life. If you are an acrobat and you lose your balance you need to slow down, be more cautious and hone your skills and abilities in life so that you can proceed safely.

Acting –  To dream you are an actor, symbolises the role you are playing in life. How others see you. Are you not being yourself at the moment? Performing a role you think others expect. Alternatively, our presentation of self changes as we grow, our roles change with expanding awareness and self knowledge.

Addiction - To dream you are addicted to something, symbolises an unhealthy fixation with something in your life. Being addicted to unhealthy people, toxic relationships as well as substances. Giving up your personal power. Consider making healthy changes.

Admiring - To dream you admire someone, symbolises your admiration for this person. Consider this person’s positive qualities. It would be good to emulate them. If they are negative qualities, it suggests work needs to be done on the self. If you yourself are being admired it indicates a healthy sense of self esteem and self worth.

Adultery - To dream you commit adultery or are being unfaithful, symbolises a transference of energy from your relationship to another. It does not mean you will commit adultery, simply that your current relationship may need looking at and working on. To dream that your partner is committing adultery, suggests that you have a fear of being left and unwanted. So this is about lack of self worth and self esteem.

Adventure - To dream of adventure, symbolises a need or yearning within for something exciting and different in your life. You may have become bored with the routine of your life and wish for something more.

Affection - To dream of affections, symbolises  a passionate and loving heart.  To give and receive affection is a sign of trust and friendship. If you are not naturally an affectionate person the dream may be showing you, that you need to show those you love, that you care by showing them more affection. Alternatively, you may feel that affection is something that is lacking in your life, and it is something that you need.

Afraid - To dream that you feel afraid is an anxiety dream. It symbolises the need to work through what you are afraid of. Think about what is going on in your waking life and the people who are around you. What is it that you are afraid of. Facing our fears in a dream is showing that something needs to be resolved, else it will keep on resurfacing in your dreams.

Age - To dream about age, symbolises the fear of growing old or an awareness of how time is passing quickly by. It may indicate a need to relax and take time out from responsibilities.  Alternatively, dreaming about age, can symbolise the different age phases we go through in life. As we age, we also acquire wisdom and understanding.

Aggression – To dream that you are being aggressive, or that someone else is being aggressive towards you; may indicate that someone in your waking life is exhibiting hostility and aggression towards you. So be aware of who you interact with and if necessary distance yourself from them. If you are the one who is aggressive, think about why this is. Is there some issue that needs resolving? It may also indicate a hostility towards oneself. Anger towards self is destructive. Understanding why, is key to a healthy emotional life.

Agoraphobia - To dream you are agoraphobic, symbolises great fear. To dream you are agoraphobic means that world has become for you a  very frightening place. To be unable to go outside shows a fear of life. You need to look at your fears and if necessary, get help to deal with them.

Alarm - To dream you hear an alarm, or are feeling alarmed, symbolises Something urgently needs your attention. To hear an alarm, can indicate danger. Clues to what this might be will be around the interpretation of the rest of the dream.

Air - To dream about the air symbolises creativity and intelligence. If the air is foggy or polluted, then it suggests your thought process or mind is clouded. To feel cold air signifies discordance in your waking life. To feel hot air, may indicate negative influences around you.

Airport - To dream about an airport, indicates that life is about to take off for you. A new direction, embarking on a new phase of your life.

Airplane - To dream about an Airplane, symbolises  our emotional energy as we move through life. The airplane is taking off, which indicates life is taking off. You are flying high, moving at great speed. It shows that you are embarking on a very important stage of your life. How smooth the flight indicates how the next phase of your life will go. Bumpy rides and turbulence indicate problems or obstacles may occur. But you have the ability to rise above them. Flying in a airplane also symbolises a rising in spiritual awareness.

Angels -  To dream about an angel or angels, symbolises  spiritual messengers. They bring with them a very powerful message of protection, love and spiritual guidance. The angels presence in the dream, also reinforces the importance of the overall dream message.

Anger - To dream you are angry in a dream symbolises, frustration, hurt, disappointment in self because of unexpressed emotions and needs. Even if in the dream you are angry with others, it is always directed towards the self also. Insecurity and fear are projected onto others, because of our refusal to acknowledge that the source of the problem lies within. Use this knowledge to work on the self.

Animals - To dream of an animal, requires the dreamer to look up the symbolism for the animal  that appears in their dream. This will give more information along with the rest of the content and context of the dream.

Anxiety - To dream that you are anxious, symbolises a fear and anxiety of something that is worrying you in waking life. Look at who else is around you in the dream. Until you have faced your fear, or resolved any waking life issues that are worrying you, anxiety will keep on recurring.

Apples - To dream you see or are eating an apple, symbolises healthful influence; new understanding, greater knowledge and wisdom. Energy and self-direction. Whether the apple is ripe, beautiful, rotten or wormy, suggests whether you are opening to new energy and insight or need to clean out any negativity and decay in your life.