Dream A to Z



The dream dictionary A to Z is designed to help you understand specific symbols within dreams. You must remember that a dream is multi faceted, so understanding just one part, will not always give you full understanding, or explain the bigger picture. If you dreamed of a red frog biting your neck, it is advisable to look not just for the interpretation for a frog, but for the meaning of red, neck and a bite. It is also good practice to note the gender of people in a dream, this can play a big part in the understanding. A dream that has more masculine figures can be different to one that has more feminine characters.

This dream dictionary can also be used in conjunction with psychic and mediumistic work. The signs and symbols a psychic sees will have exactly the same meaning as in a dream. The dictionary can be very helpful, especially for people new to psychic work, but remember no symbol meaning is set in stone, you must ultimately find your own meaning to signs and symbols, as the meaning can be interpreted differently between different types of people. For example, dreaming of a cat, can be a positive symbol to a cat lover, but for someone who is allergic to cats, it can take on a completely different meaning.

Make a note of the time of day it is in your dream. Is it morning, afternoon or evening? Consider how you are feeling; Are you feeling calm, anxious, excited, sad or do you feeling nothing at all? Is it light or dark; can you see clearly; do you hear any sounds; what are they? All these things provide you with important information to help you understand a dream when using the dream dictionary or symbolically about your state of mind. Are you ‘aware’ you are asleep and you are dreaming? If you are this is called ‘lucid dreaming’. Lucid dreams are very powerful in terms of personal growth. The realisation that you are dreaming, gives the dreamer power and control over their dreams. Something that those who dream in the normal way cannot do.

Lucid dreams can be used to work through waking life problems. For example; In your dream you are being chased. You have had this dream before and it always goes the same way. You run, terrified and end up waking up in a cold sweat, heart racing. Chase dreams are anxiety dreams. Associated with running away from or refusing to face up to a waking life problem or situation. If you are lucid dreaming, you have the choice and opportunity to stop running. To turn around and face whatever it is that is chasing you. Psychologically, this can be the first step to facing your fears.

The more you understand the signs and symbols listed here in the dream dictionary the more you will open up to the beauty of nature, everything is connected, and as your understanding grows you will gain in wisdom by seeing beyond the obvious.

The Dream Dictionary Search, is updated daily. If you do not find what you are looking for, please try again tomorrow to find the dream meanings you are looking for.