September 5, 2013

Disaster Dreams

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Disaster Dreams

Disaster dreams are one of the most common types of dream that people will experience throughout their lifetime. Whether  fire, flood, storms, earthquakes or tidal waves; a disaster dream indicates a sudden change in some area of your life.

Fire traditionally represents passion, creativity and sometimes danger. There is a world of difference between the warm fire burning in the grate and a forest fire growing wildly out of control; in dream symbolism the first represents a love of one’s domestic situation, the second a person in crisis, overwhelmed by passion and feelings. Brightly burning flames in a fireplace are an expression of a healthy imagination. If you dream of getting burnt by fire, you must guard against losing your temper.

A dream in which you set fire to a house may be a sign of self-loathing and deep anger. The house represents the dreamer’s soul. This is a dream that is asking you to look closely at why you are feeling like this. Fire is also a transforming force, altering everything it touches. So it is also a symbol of change and sometimes destruction. Smoke is often considered an unlucky sign and some dream interpreters believe it is a sign of death. Alternatively others, see smoke as being connected to the spirit. Another form of purification. As smoke in some cultures is seen as being an important part of the rituals of spiritual cleansing. You may wonder which of the dream meanings will apply to you. The answer will depend on its context  within the dream and other dream symbols.

Water can be a powerful natural force, overwhelming storm defences; you may dream about being tossed on a stormy sea and both of these images suggest that emotions are rising to the surface, which have previously been kept under control, hidden by the conscious mind. Although storms, floods and other watery images may stir up unwanted feelings, they are healthier dreams then those featuring cold, icy landscapes. Ice symbolises frozen emotions, or a part of your life that has been ‘put on ice’ or neglected for a time.  Rain can also be a important factor in storms and although rain is seen as a purifying life force, it is also connected to tears and unhappiness.  Undeniably we need rain to survive, but there is something miserable about a wet, grey day and in dream interpretation, rain implies depression and suggests that the dreamer should pay more attention to his or her emotional life.

Earthquakes in waking life can wreck havoc and cause great pain and suffering. In some cases even death. In dream symbolism, an earthquake symbolises great change. The bigger the earthquake the greater the magnitude of change. The earth shaking is connected to issues that are at the very foundation of the dreamers life.  The ground opening up before them, evokes a very powerful symbolic image of something extremely dramatic and unexpected, literally rocking their world.  The connotations are negative ones, but it is important to remember. That in life, though these kinds of events do happen, sometimes it is what is needed to bring a situation or set of circumstances to an abrupt end, so that people can begin again.

Tidal waves are extremely frightening. To see this huge wall of water coming towards you, has to be one of the scariest of dream scenario’s.  It is connected to very big emotional upheaval. It may be that in life, the dreamer has been ignoring a personal dilemma for too long, or surpressing it. Seeing this torrent of water bearing down upon you in a dream, is indicating that the issue has caught up with you. Some people have said, that they see the water coming towards them, and that although it carries them along; they manage to keep their heads above the water and do eventually find safety. Indicating that though they feel the full force of what is happening, they manage to come through the other side in one piece. So there is hope in the dramatic symbolism of this dream. It can also be seen as a early warning sign from the unconscious mind. That the dreamer needs to face whatever it is they have been avoiding, before it completely overwhelms them.

Disaster dreams are often incredibly dramatic and not easy to forget. For this reason, I believe that they are very powerful teaching tool. The dream nearly always precedes whatever issue is at hand, giving people the opportunity to ‘change direction’ or ‘face up to’ whatever it is that the unconscious mind is trying to bring to their attention. As human beings we have become very good at ignoring things that cause us pain; so we bury them so deep that we do not have to face them.  On some level, the unconscious mind understands the emotional damage that  we are doing to ourselves and through the vehicle of our dreams, will bring all our fears and anxieties to the surface. Through understanding the symbolism of your dreams or through the aid of a dream interpreter, your dreams can become a rich source of insight and guidance. An invaluable aid to self growth and healing.

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