September 12, 2013

Developing Psychic Awareness

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Developing Psychic Senses

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have psychic abilities. Or, how you might be able to develop or enhance existing gifts? If the answer is Yes to either of these questions, then read on! First of all, let us get one thing clear from the outset. You do have psychic abilities! It is my belief that all human beings are born with the psychic sense. An ability, that uses the vehicle of our other five senses of sight, sense, taste, smell and touch; And is often referred to as the ‘sixth sense’.

Examples of  how our ‘sixth sense’ or ‘psychic awareness’ manifests itself, can be seen in numerous different ways. The phone rings and you ‘just know’ who is calling. You suddenly think of someone you have not seen or heard from for ages, and you bump into them unexpectedly while out shopping later that day or the day after. These are examples of ‘precognition’ or ‘clairvoyance’.

Have you ever walked into a room, and even though everyone is looking and behaving normally, you can ‘feel’ something is not right. There is an old expression that refers to this experience as “you could cut the atmosphere with a knife”. Meaning that the air or energy in the room, felt ‘thick’ with emotion; so noticeable it was a physically tangible thing. Or you have been talking to  a friend, and for no reason suddenly felt compelled to bring up a topic of conversation, that turns out to be about something your friend has been secretly worrying about and needed to unburden themselves about it to someone. These are examples of ‘clairsentiance’, which is the ability to psychically connect to someone through the psychic sense of emotional or empathic awareness.

There are thousands of people every day who unconsciously react to the psychic signals and silent messages they pick up. From choosing to drive a different route to work, and thereby avoiding the pile up on the motorway or unexpected holdups and delays; to refusing to board a plane, because inexplicably they are filled with such an intense feeling of foreboding and dread that they could not ignore, and discovering later on that their plane had crashed or that it had encountered problems that potentially could have had dire consequences. Some individuals trust this inner knowing and act accordingly. Others do not, and often wished they had!

Psychic awareness, like any ability is stronger in some people then in others. It can be improved upon though, just as with any other skill. We can all write, paint or sing. But we are not all famous authors, artists or opera stars. Developing your psychic abilities is one of those things, that the more you are prepared to invest in its development,  in terms of time and commitment, the more you will get out of it.

Meditate regularly:  One of the best ways to develop your psychic awareness, is to meditate. Constant mental chatter make it difficult for the inner psychic voice to be heard. Meditation, trains the mind to quieten down and to ignore unwanted outer as well as inner distractions.  When you meditate you connect with the subconscious or super conscious state in doing this, you create an opening for messages to come through.

Learn to trust your gut instincts: Ever get a feeling that something wasn’t quite right? Ever feel like you just had turn left at that stop sign, even though you normally would have turned right? Pay attention to things like this. Often, there’s a reason for it. It can manifest itself in different ways. Some get a pain in their solar plexus, others feel a tingling or shiver up their spine. Some might even hear it as a voice in their head, it can be their own voice they hear or a voice that seems to come outside of themselves. We are all different so people will experience these ‘gut reactions’ differently.

Write everything down. Did you have a dream about someone you know, or a particular situation? Did you just get a feeling that something important is about to happen? Keep a journal or diary so that you can keep a written record of these sensory messages. Later on, you can go back and check on them, to see if there was any validity to them. Bear in mind, sometimes we get messages and we are never able to confirm whether they were accurate or not, because there’s just no way of knowing.

Test yourself. If you have a ‘feeling’  about something, try to confirm it. For example, when your best friend is on her way to meet you for coffee, try to guess what music she was listening to in the car. Then, when she arrives, ask her. Did you get it right? If you suddenly think of someone you haven’t seen for ages. Write that down, if it comes true, you have proof that you anticipated it before it happened. This will bolster your self confidence in your psychic abilities, which is what having validation does.  If your phone rings, before you pick it up and look at the Caller ID, try to visualize who might be calling. Then answer the phone and see if you were correct. Simple exercises like this will help you develop your own innate abilities.

The important thing to remember is; Do not to get disheartened or put off if at first nothing significant happens, or there is very little validation. The important thing is to get into the habit of using your psychic awareness regularly. Like any new or underdeveloped skill, it needs to be practiced. Developing your psychic awareness will add an extra richness and dimension to your life, bringing  greater clarity to your decision making skills as you have more information at your finger tips. Enhanced intuitive skills  will also allow you to appreciate the world and the people around you in a more profound way, with a greater sense of fulfilling your life’s purpose and full potential.

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