January 22, 2014

Connecting To Spirit

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Many believe that it is only very special individuals, such as psychics, clairvoyants, seers and mediums who have the ability to see, feel, hear and sense spirit. And while it is true, that these people do have a very well developed spiritual gift. It is not true that they are the only ones who are able to have this experience. There have been many stories and recorded cases of ordinary individuals; who had never had a previous psychic experience, suddenly hearing or seeing a loved one who had recently passed over. I believe we ‘all’ have the ability to connect to the spirit world if the conditions are just right.

The key to maximizing the opportunity of spirit communication, is to keep an open mind. Keeping an open mind is more about allowing yourself to believe in the possibility that something could occur; then it is about having a fervent belief in it. Spirit use many different methods of trying to communicate with us. While I am not suggesting that you believe any little noise or unusual event that occurs, is spirit trying to talk to you. I do believe, that if anything particularly out of the ordinary happens, and more importantly keeps on happening, without an obvious explanation. That you will consider the possibility; that is is someone you know or love in the spirit world, trying to get your attention.

I believe that the ability to connect to spirit is truly a sacred one. A blessing that if used wisely and sensitively, can bring great comfort, hope and healing. Particularly to those who are grieving. It is also a very powerful reminder that we are spiritual beings, living a physical life; And that without this shared link and kinship, communicating in this way could not happen. I believe that spiritual energy,  to be a vital part of our life force, or spark that animates our bodies; And that it is made of a substance that is not reliant on a conscious or living body to exist.  Our spiritual essence.

There are extraordinary stories, of full awareness continuing and functioning when the physical body is inactive and experiencing very low brain activity. Such as in the cases of those people who have suffered brain damage and trauma. Waking up from a long period in a deep coma state. And have been able to relate much of what has happened to them while in this state. Because ‘incredibly’ they have been able to watch ‘day to day activities’ by the people looking after them, from ‘outside’ their bodies. People who have had, what are called NDE’s (near death experiences) have also described similar experiences.

When we talk about the sacredness of spirit communication. I ask you for a moment to think of the way in which you communicate with people in the physical. The here and now! I believe this also is incredibly important part of our spiritual growth, and a sacred duty. How many of us have lost a loved one, and felt terrible guilt, remorse and regret; that we did not show them how much they were loved, valued and needed when they were alive? Or that we did not speak what was in our hearts, assuming that ‘they just knew’ when we had the chance? If there is one thing I have learned from my own experience of spirit and from those seeking communication with spirit. Is that they long for the chance to put right a wrong or to speak that which was left unsaid.

I believe it is vital that we remember that our ability to communicate with spirit; must first begin with those who are still alive and very much a part of our lives now! When you do this, you live from a place of love and compassion. Increasing your ability to empathise, and truly ‘feel’ the connection we all have to each other. When you do this, you increase a hundred fold the ability to communicate with spirit on the sensing, feeling vibration. For if you are closed off emotionally from the people who are constantly around you. How can you expect to sense, feel and understand the subtle messages from spirit that come through to you on this vibration of love and empathy?

I strongly believe that is is through expanding our own capacity to love, forgive and understand others, that we connect to our own spiritual energy. And from there I believe connecting with spirit in the spiritual realms, through pure intent on your part, becomes a natural progression on your life journey.

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