Some of the traditional dream interpretations are ancient, and have often been used as a mystical tool of prediction. Dream symbolism has its place in the ancient folklore of most cultures, such as the gypsies or travelling people, those of The Native Americans, the Ancient Egyptians, the Chinese and the early Christians. The Language Of.. read more →

In a dream, conscious awareness is united with the unconscious because a dream has roots in both. It is a bridge over which images from the outer world travel to the inner. On the occasions when preoccupation with the personal unconscious is diverted or overcome, a symbolic rise from the depths of our being, can.. read more →

Dreams are one of our greatest resources of self-help. They can express and teach creativity, reinforce learning and commit it to memory, work out problems free from the constraints of rational thinking, and offer counsel on life and love. The therapeutic and healing power of dreams is such that even our nightmares can help us.. read more →

In literature animals have long been used to symbolise aspects of human emotions and traits. Animals may represent urgent, unthinking emotions, animal vitality and energy; or at worst, crude, animalistic behaviour. If you dream you are struggling to control an animal, it may be that you are trying to tame the instincts expressed by that.. read more →

Celebrities often make unlikely appearances in our dreams. Many people dream about people they admire either for their looks, such as pop stars or famous actors, or for their beliefs, such as politicians, writers and spiritual leaders. During the course of the 20th century a few famous faces acquired almost archetypal status as iconic representatives.. read more →