The significance of important life events, such as birth, deaths and marriages cannot be underestimated. They are quite simply what make individuals who they are, marking their passage through time. Any decisions relating to these events, therefore, are likely to be reflected in our dreams. The occasions themselves, the ceremony and preparation associated with them;.. read more →

The backdrop of a dream is almost as important in dream interpretation as the events themselves. Buildings of all kinds appear in our dreams. From the familiar domestic environment of our home or place of work. To institutions such as hospitals or schools, to mystical creations dreamed up by the subconscious. Many people often dream.. read more →

Dreams act as a screen on which our true feelings for others can be revealed. Even if we tend to think of ourselves as solitary in temperament, dreams are always ready to show us differently. Awakening our senses to feelings we never knew existed. We may not be immediately aware that a particular dream is.. read more →

Flying dreams are extremely common. Whether you are flying in a flying machine, such as a passenger airplane, or flying under your own steam, like a bird in the sky. A flight in a plane enables the dreamer to gain an overview of the landscape (your life) ahead of them, and to prepare for obstacles.. read more →

Disaster dreams are one of the most common types of dream that people will experience throughout their lifetime. Whether  fire, flood, storms, earthquakes or tidal waves; a disaster dream indicates a sudden change in some area of your life. Fire traditionally represents passion, creativity and sometimes danger. There is a world of difference between the.. read more →