January 12, 2014

Building And House Dreams

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The backdrop of a dream is almost as important in dream interpretation as the events themselves. Buildings of all kinds appear in our dreams. From the familiar domestic environment of our home or place of work. To institutions such as hospitals or schools, to mystical creations dreamed up by the subconscious. Many people often dream of the place where grew up, especially if they had a happy childhood.

Your dream buildings may or may not be familiar and, perhaps on waking, you will remember some of the more unusual structures and be astonished by what your mind created. Fantastical or futuristic buildings are signs of a healthy imagination and an optimistic outlook on life, as they show that the dreamer is forward-looking.

Dreams of old buildings, such as churches or castles, denote a reverence for the past and a respect for tradition and ritual, although the context of the dream may signify that the dreamer is too rooted in his or her past; And should look to his or her current situation for inspiration. Dreams about exploring buildings are often a sign that you should examine facets of your own personality in order to develop new skills and talents. A dream in which you discover unfamiliar rooms in a building you already know well, is a classic dream and may occur at a time of change in your life. Or a hint, that you may have within you hidden and unexplored depths.

Jung was the first dream interpreter, to identify a house as ‘the mansion of the soul’, in other words as a representation of the dreamer. With each room relating to a different aspect of the personality. Dreams that feature your own home and trivial events are extremely common. The appearance of your house, usually symbolises protection, comfort and a need to be surrounded by familiar things. The condition of the house, indicates your state of mind, as well as your hopes and fears for the future. So, a well-ordered house that appears comfortable reflects a balanced mind, not unduly worried about life. A disordered home with misplaced furniture; appliances that are the wrong size and rooms filled with strangers. Implies confusion and a need to examine a problem from a new perspective.

The house that appears in the dream may not be the dreamer’s real home, but its condition or style will still reflect the dreamer’s self-image. A palace probably speaks for itself, while a dilapidated building shows a person who lacks self-esteem. Each room within the house serves a different purpose and represents different aspects of the human personality. The kitchen is a vital nerve centre, symbolising nurture. Basements or cellars are used for storage; they represent our memory, where we place things we may need one day. Or other items that we wish to forget about. Occasionally, we find something in the cellar welcome or unwelcome which we forgotten. Dark, dank cellars can symbolise repression or the suppression of unwanted memories.

Living rooms, relate to current circumstances and the conscious mind. Furniture that is in good repair, indicates happiness and contentment. Dreams about moving furniture reflect the desire or need to balance your commitments. Furniture that is in poor condition warns of love or marriage problems. The windows of a house are also important as they look out on to the world around, giving outsiders the chance to look in. In dreams, they are the eyes of the building. Shuttered or curtained windows suggest a blinkered or introverted attitude to life. Whereas large sun-filled windows reflect a desire to embrace the world outside. Dreams of opening windows express a desire to widen horizons, or perhaps to increase the flow of fresh air or new opinions through your house or soul.

Staircases provide access to the upper floors of a house, which represent the spiritual side of the mind. A dream about climbing a staircase may signify a spiritual or emotional mission, which dreams of descending stairs show that the dreamer wishes to explore an aspect of his past or subconscious. A wide open staircase symbolises an easy path to achievement, whereas a dark and winding set of stairs is a sign that the journey may be more difficult.

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