February 22, 2015

Begin To Live

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Begin To Live

How many of us can say that we are really living our life, and not simply existing. That each day is very much like that last. Not that there is anything wrong with routine and predictability. What is wrong, is when people hide within the safe confines of their existence, because they are too afraid to do anything different. Not necessarily fear of change, but fear of life.

We all have little insecurities and fears about different things. While being cautious is sometimes wise, being too cautious can be paralysing. No one is suggesting that you should go out and start taking wild risks. Just introduce a little variety into your world by trying something new or different, can often be the catalyst for a new lease of life.

If asked many people would say that commitments and responsibilities are what keeps them from making any significant lifestyle changes. But I believe the truth is that it is fear of the unknown and unfamiliar that holds them back. Or they feel restrained by the expectations and opinions of other people. Though I do believe what we do will affect other people to some degree. I think we owe it to ourselves, to experience as much as this life has to offer. After all, we only live once. At the end of your life, it might seem a little lame to say, that you’d always wanted to travel, but never did, because someone else might not have liked it. Or that you always wanted to own your own business, but allowed friends and family to convince you it was too risky and talked you out of it.

I often wonder, if the reason why people try to influence our decisions to try something new, is more about them than it is about us. In as much as they were afraid to do something new and have comforted themselves with the thought that they made the right choice. Your decision to go through with something similar, would shake that belief. Though I know there may be some individuals who will congratulate you for having more courage than they did. The former type of person tends to be more prolific than the latter.

Then there are the people who procrastinate. Who are always putting off ‘today, for tomorrow’. But tomorrow never happens. In other words every time you think “someday” or “when I have time I will,” stop. Ask yourself, “Why not now?” Think about this sentence, “I always wanted to, but never did.” Start doing the things you always planned to do. Choose to start a new life every morning. Plan one thing you will do today to feel alive. Be someone who wants to introduce something new and different every day. Even if it’s changing what you eat, or what you wear, or what you do for leisure and fun.

Think about the people you spend your time with. Be around people who have an inspirational, positive, adventurous attitude to life. People who really enjoy living. Individuals who will motivate and encourage you to follow your dreams. Start a bucket list. Don’t wait for the fear of growing old or the spectre of mortality to push you into getting started.

Remember, doing what fires your passion doesn’t mean leaving those you love behind. You can take them along on the journey with you. But if you are unhappy with the life you are living and afraid of letting go, maybe the biggest favour you could do for yourself is just that. Letting go! Remember, this is your life. You can either embrace fully and unreservedly, or you can hide from it. The choice is yours! What are your future plans for living life to the full?

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