August 21, 2013

Be True To Yourself

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Be True To Yourself

Who we are, the people we become, our perception of the world and belief systems, are in part heavily influenced by our parents, teachers and friends. In due course our own personal life experiences become part of that mix. Over time, it can be difficult to differentiate between what is an opinion or long held belief of our own, or one we have ‘adopted’ from other people. Do we challenge our beliefs or opinions often enough, or explore alternatives explanations? For the most part, I do not believe people do.

Often, peoples long held personal truths and belief systems are only challenged, when circumstances force them too. This forces individuals out of their comfort zones. For example; a serious illness, job loss, redundancy, bereavement or relationship breakdown.  Or there is a deep feeling of dissatisfaction that arises from within. This can be caused by a spiritual crisis of some kind. Whatever the cause, it is often the catalyst for change. Or to put it another way, it is not so much about changing ‘who’ we are. But re-reconnecting and rediscovering who we ‘really’ are. The real you! It is an interesting fact, that most people know their family and friends, better then they know themselves.

It can be difficult to be our true selves in a world where we are constantly being pressurised to conform and live up to the expectations of others. There are many who live their lives, doing everything they can to make others happy, but often to the detriment of their own happiness and well-being. Being true to yourself is about finding out what makes you happy and fulfilled and doing it!

Couples in relationships, where one constantly submits to the will of another. Even down to choosing what clothes they wear, what food they can eat or what beliefs and opinions they hold. Never daring to voice their own opinion or follow their own interests. What kind of life is that. Why do people allow others to have so much power over them, is a question I often ask myself. Some might say it is out of love. Wanting to make someone else happy. But that is not love! Love is empowering, liberating and it rejoices in another’s individuality and happiness. True love, does not seek to control, dominate or impose its will on another.

When an individual is not true to themselves, eventually something starts to shrivel and die inside. What joy is there to be had, when one does not have the freedom to express themselves truthfully. Self esteem and self confidence are eroded. Often ill health can follow. For there is a strong connection between the mental health state and physical well-being.

Being true to yourself does not mean focusing on yourself in a selfish, egotistical way. But in giving yourself the same attention, respect and love as you would give someone else. Being true to yourself is about not being afraid to speak your mind without fear of repercussion. Your thoughts, opinions and beliefs have great value. If you are in a situation, where you are afraid to be yourself, or feel that if you are true to yourself you will be rejected or ridiculed. Then you are not in a place that is conducive to personal and spiritual growth. Whilst I do believe that all our experiences have merit and something to teach us. Staying in a atmosphere of fear and restriction will by far do more harm then good in the long run. Which in my opinion outweighs any benefits that may be gained from this life lesson. Be true to who you are; live your life fully; live a life that has meaning for you; For it is only through doing this, that you are living your true purpose. Fulfilling your soul purpose; For after all, isn’t  that why we are all here!

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2 Responses to Be True To Yourself
  1. I know exactly what you mean. I have been doing what others have wanted for so long that I’d lost sight of what I wanted, until recently when I became really ill and realised it was because I was doing what my family wanted (helping out with the family business) rather than what I wanted to do. I have recently enrolled on a college course in art, which I start in September and I feel much better already.

  2. What an inspiring article. I have always let people boss me around, including my ex. He made me feel worthless by constantly putting me down. I guess he wore me down too much in the end and I realised I was better without him. I think everyone should be true to themselves and do what they think is best. It isn’t selfish to do this.

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