August 11, 2013

Awakening Your Life

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Awakening Your Life

I am sure if asked, many people would claim to live very full and active lives; And will be curious to know what is meant by the phrase ‘awaken your life’. To live a fulfilling life is more then just about going to work and raising a family. While both these things are important and satisfying, they are only a facet, a portion of what it means to live a life in which you are truly ‘awake’.

Finding fulfilment through providing for and meeting the needs of others; How well they do them and how they believe they are perceived by others, often means people define themselves through these roles. These are people who devote their whole lives to making other people happy, and do so selflessly out of love. However, it has to be said that sometimes this can be done to the detriment of their own personal happiness and emotional needs.

It is not being selfish or self obsessed to do things for your own pleasure or to enrich your life. I believe by making time for ourselves, it can only benefit those around us. For if we have found a way to replenish our own energies, through pursuits and interests that uplift and inspire us. We will then have more energy and enthusiasm left over for the other important things in our lives, that can and often do deplete us. This is your life. Many tend to forget this and surrender all that they are to the desires and whims of other people. Awakening your life is about listening to your own inner voice and following the yearnings of your own heart.

As children our thoughts about ourselves, what we can achieve and the world in general are unlimited. As adults, we tend to lose this ‘I can do anything’  perspective. It gets lost amongst  adult responsibilities and the stresses and pressure of every day life. Just because you are a caring daughter looking after an elderly parent; A nurturing mother caring for her family or a loving partner; does not mean having to give up on all the dreams and ambitions you may once have wanted for yourself. Within all human beings, is a wellspring of unlimited potential. But, if we do not give ourselves permission to explore this, how can we realise that potential?

Awakening your life is about connecting to the world in a very personal and interactive way, that goes beyond the superficial. It is about making time for yourself. To explore and appreciate the world in a deeper and more meaningful way. It is about learning to have a relationship with yourself as well as with others. To be awake, is to know yourself, and through that self knowledge be able to express yourself freely.

There are different ways in which you can do this. Through meditation, reading books that feed your soul, uplift your spirit as well as your mind. Record your dreams. Often our dreams can provide great insight and guidance to what is going on in our lives. In the unconscious dream state, we can access a higher awareness, often referred to as the higher self. It is believed, that the higher self is a part of us, that is connected to the divine universal consciousness. That has, over vast periods of time, accumulated great wisdom. When we dream or meditate, it is possible to access this information. A regular meditation practice can also help you to relax more and bring clarity to many areas of your life. It truly is time to ‘awaken your life’.

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  1. Another great article. What you say is so true. I used to work as a care assistant, years ago, and I found I was working up to 60 hours a week looking after other people and neglecting myself and my family in the process. I’ve always wanted to do work that helped others, but sometimes you hurt yourself doing this. I now work part-time as a nursery nurse and I love it. I’ve noticed I have happier dreams now too!

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