Caterpillar – To dream of Caterpillars indicates the dreamer is unaware of their own potential and beauty. This is a time of metamorphosis, to change from one way of being to another. Why crawl through life, when you can fly high. read more →

Gangster – To dream of a gangster indicates a lack of trust in ourselves or others, depending on who else or what else is within the dream. The path you are taking will lead to conflict and disagreements. You must find a more peaceful and honest way to solve issues that surround you. read more →

Criminal – To dream of a criminal, can mean to cheat on oneself and limit one’s potential. Making own laws out of fear, rather than following an honest and true path to gain what you seek. You must follow your own inner-guidance instead of being led astray. read more →

Cup – In dream symbolism, a Cup represents the spiritual heart of self. If your cup is overflowing you are receiving and open to the fullness of divine love. If your cup is empty, you are obstructing, closing yourself off from divine love energy; indicating that in your waking life, this is the area that.. read more →

To live a full life is more than just about how much money you have, or how successful you are. For many, this is enough, but for some, it is not. Disillusioned with the material and superficial, people long for meaning and purpose in their lives. In the beginning, there may be just a sense.. read more →