March 9, 2014

Aura Therapy

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Many healers believe that as well as a physical body, we all possess a psychic ‘body’ that extends beyond our corporal form. This is believed to be a force field of spiritual energy that surrounds all living things, and connects individuals through a universal source. The aura is this force field is called, is thought to comprise all the radiations from the actions and interactions of cells and chemicals in the body. Therefore it reflects the state of health of the individual. If the body is suffering from illness, the radiations from the affected organ will be weak, and subsequently dull patches in the aura will be perceived.

The aura can stretch up to several metres from the  body, or merely several centimetres, an consists of bands of different colours of the spectrum as well as black, white and grey. Each person’s aura is different in shape, colour and definition, and those who can perceive auras say that they can tell a lot abut an individual’s character and mood as well as the state of his or her physical, emotional and spiritual health. Practitioners of aura healing are so sensitive to tuning into auras that the colours and shapes of a patient’s aura are actually visible to them, not just sensed.  Below I will give a basic outline of what some of the colours may signify.

Red – Is the colour of vitality, passion and energy. Someone with a lot of red in their aura will be outgoing, physically vigorous and generous of spirit. Although an excess of red can indicate, selfishness and materialism. Dark red in the aura may be indicative of anger or malice, whereas light red shows anxiety and tension.

Orange – Is the colour of a strong ambitious personality and is also associated with good health and energy. A slightly lighter shade of orange signifies a compassionate, considerate and well-adjusted nature. Too much orange indicates over-ambitiousness to the detriment of others.

Yellow – Is the colour of mental agility and is apparent when someone is concentrating. As well as intellect, yellow also highlights optimism, and gold yellow shows spirituality and perception. A murky yellow is the aura ay indicate weakness, indecisiveness, frustration or suspicion.

Green – Is the colour of healing, as it is the colour of nature and rebirth. In the aura it shows a vibrant sociable personality and may mean that the individual has the healing gift. A excess of green, on the other hand can signify a lack of empathy with others.

Blue – Is the colour of positivity, associated with idealism, inspiration and integrity. Dark blue indicates specifically religious inspiration and a deeply spiritual nature; while pale blue shows a predisposition to scholarship. A dingy blue, however, means negativity.

Indigo – Is the colour of spirituality. Denoting strong moral values and the search for a higher truth. A lot of indigo in the aura, signifies inner calm, serenity and good-naturedness. If it shows up as blotchy or weak, this could indicate moodiness and irritability.

Violet – Is the colour of devotion, love and spiritual enlightenment. Not everyone possesses a noticeable amount of violet in their aura, but those who do have profound insight and spiritual awareness.

White – Is the colour of perfection and the attainment of the highest possible spiritual enlightenment. It signifies purity and truth.

Black – Is the colour of emotional damage. Black shows negative thoughts, destruction and despair.

Grey – Is the colour of illness and depression. It can also denote someone who has a very weak personality, which is most likely to be connected to long-term ill health or depression.

The auric healer/therapist acts as a channel through which universal spiritual energy can flow. Rather than use energy from their own auras, practitioners harness this greater energy and ‘feed it’ into the patients aura. This could involve increasing the amount of colour that has become depleted in a particular area of the aura, or introducing a complementary colour that will even out any imbalances in the intensity of another colour. The role of the patient in his or her own healing is heavily emphasized in this form of therapy. Patients are encouraged to take an active part in the healing process through self-awareness and positive thinking. Meditation and visualization exercises can be used to tune into and strengthen the aura.

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