Many healers believe that as well as a physical body, we all possess a psychic ‘body’ that extends beyond our corporal form. This is believed to be a force field of spiritual energy that surrounds all living things, and connects individuals through a universal source. The aura is this force field is called, is thought.. read more →

The word lightworker, is one which you will hear used a lot, particularly in healing and metaphysical circles. The term is used to describe someone who appears to embody innate spiritual qualities in abundance. They are very loving and sensitive; caring and empathic. They often exhibit a strong desire to heal others and are often.. read more →

How often have you held back what you were wanting to say because you were worried about what others might think about you? Isn’t it funny how we often allow others to be who they are, even when we don’t particularly like or approve of their actions or words, and yet we are not prepared.. read more →

Psychic protection acts as an impermeable barrier to other people’s thoughts and feelings. It keeps out unwanted intrusions and prevents energy leakage. It safeguards your inner and outer space. Psychic protection is subtle and invisible. It is a defensive cocoon, within which you are safe. Psychic protection is putting out, and attracting back only good.. read more →